/ How to eat during fasting? Products that can not be eaten in the post. List of products allowed in the post.

How to eat during fasting? Products that can not be eaten in the post. List of products allowed in the post.

According to the Church Charter, the first and last weekLent are considered the most strict. If you strictly follow the rules, then in the first three days it is worth completely giving up food. The only thing you can somehow maintain your strength is raw vegetables and water. But not every person can survive in such a diet for a long time, so you can expand the list of foods and fully eat, simply not using categorically prohibited (fast) foods.

What can not be eaten in fasting?

As we have already said, during the Great LentRefrain from so-called fast food. Basically it is food containing natural fat and oils. In this list all meat products, fish (allowed on certain days), eggs. Banned also include all dairy products.

What you can eat in the post

Also during fasting a person should refrain from various fast food, sweets, bread from white flour, baking bread. Under a huge ban is alcohol.

It is not necessary during the meal to add spicy food to the food. This is not a ban, but a recommendation of doctors. Since with such a meager diet they can negatively affect the state of the gastrointestinal tract.

What can you eat in a fast?

The allowed products are a huge number. Of these, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes, so the stereotype of the extreme poverty of food has no help. It is especially important to eat hot first courses, since they have a beneficial effect on the state of the stomach and intestines.

List of products allowed in the post:

  • Bread (coarsely ground)
  • All fruits in any kind
  • All vegetables in any kind
  • Mushrooms
  • Nuts
  • Porridge (boiled on water)
  • Compote, mors, kvass, smoothies, tea

What you can not eat in the post

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday you can consume seafood and wine, but only as an exception.

Recommended on Monday, Wednesday and FridayEat only cold food, and on Tuesday and Thursday - hot. During the week, it is forbidden to add vegetable oil in food, it is allowed only on Saturday and Sunday.

What You Can Eat During Fasting

How to eat properly in fasting and receive all the necessary substances?

Since during Lent we encounter some limitations, we should pay attention to our food habits and include some foods in the diet.

  • A person should receive protein in a certain amount. But since meat and dairy products are not allowed in the post, it can be obtained from beans, nuts, cereals and soy products.
  • If you lead an active lifestyle, be sure to eat porridge or potatoes daily.
  • Vegetables and fruits should be present on your table at all times.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  • Sweet substitute with dried fruits and honey. This is not only delicious, but also times more useful.
  • Armed with different recipes, so that your diet is varied.

At the end of the fast, very carefully returnTo the use of fatty foods. If you eat too much meat on the first day, you can seriously damage your body. And remember, fasting is not just what lies on your plate, but what you have in mind. Try to avoid negative statements, too noisy parties and quarrels.

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