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Shinuazri - interior trend-2016

Eastern style is one of the key trendsSeason-2016. The popularity of chinoiser has good reasons - this design is always original and unusual. Decorators specify: a modern interior with Asian motifs does not imply strict styling. Modernity and minimalism are precisely those concepts that can easily be supplemented by bright eastern elements.

The color palette of the chinoiser is quite diverse. In favor, contrasting combinations of white and blue, black and scarlet, tender blue and blue, orange and pastel pink.

Wall coverings, textiles and carpets - excellent backgroundFor ethnic ornaments. Particularly relevant complex multicolored patterns, characteristic of Chinese and Japanese paintings. An important rule: such accents should not be much - no more than two or three.

Furniture in Oriental style should be enoughMassive, overall and made of wood. Welcome low chest of drawers, chests-barrels, cabinet-dressing table, screens and shelves - recognizable items of Asian culture. Special coloring will be given to the interior by elegant things: lacquered boxes, colorful fans, porcelain figurines and Chinese lanterns.

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