/ / Slovenia - the land of fairy tales, castles and mountains

Slovenia - the land of fairy tales, castles and mountains

Slovenia is a small European country inWhich is hidden a lot of treasures for the curious tourist. The lively beaches of the Adriatic are adjacent to the ski resorts of the Alps and the mineral health centers in Rogaszka, Dolensk, Portoroz, the picturesque cascades of lakes and cave castles are suddenly replaced by the medieval architecture of Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor, Idrija. Active sports, cognitive excursions, immersion in the mysteries of folk crafts, relaxed relaxation at the warm coast - all this, and even more, perhaps in Slovenia.

Mineral health resort Rogaška Slatina from a bird's-eye view

Maribor: a city of ancient buildings and cozy street cafes

Those who decided to spend their vacation here are worthBy all means visit the Shkotzyan caves. The huge natural caves created by the current of the river Reka resemble a quaint palazzo - with ballrooms, bridges, openwork stairs and sculptures made of stalactites.

Karst dungeons Shkotzyan included in the UNESCO list since the 80s of the XX century

Martelov Hall - Europe's largest cave hall: its height is one hundred forty-six meters, and the length is three hundred

Triglav Folk Park is another miraculous miracle of Slovenia. Guests can admire the power of the waterfall Perichnik, ride a kayak along the lake of Bohinj and walk under the vaults of the Vintgar gorge.

Pearl of Triglav: waterfall on the Bohinj lake in Staraya Fužine

Charming panorama of Lake Bled in the national park

Magnificent castles and churches inSlovenska-Bystrica, Nazarje, Gornji Grad and Velenje will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of antiquity. Ptuj - the oldest city museum of the country - admires the beauties of the Franciscan monastery of the 13th century, Mali Grada - the residence of the bishops of Salzburg and Ptujski Grad - the Dominican monastery fortress.

Old Castle Celje - a fortress complex of the 13th century

Ptuj: museum, thermal spa and the center of folk festivals

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