/ / On the Net discuss a new photo of Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva

On the web discuss a new photo of Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva

Relations between Valery Meladze and Albina DzhanabaevaLast more than 14 years, but the couple prefers to hide privacy even from their loyal fans. In this case, the artists are growing two sons, but even this fact did not change the "semi-underground" relations of Janabaeva and Meladze.

The singer leads her page in Instagram, howeverFor all the time there appeared only a few pictures with Valery Meladze. The very same popular artist does not have personal accounts in social networks. Fans are not easy to learn the latest news about the singer and his lover. The same social networks are being encouraged, where joint images of Janabaeva and Meladze periodically appear.

One such photo appeared today in theInstagram. Judging by the news from Albina's tape, the couple started May in the homeland of the singer in Georgia. Apparently, a new photo was made in Tbilisi with the musician's friends:

New photo of Albina Dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze caused a wave of criticism from the users of the Instagram network

In the photo, the spouses are sealed in the circle of friends. At the same time Albina just glows with happiness and confidently embraces Valeria Meladze. The photo was posted at once in several Internet groups, and caused a lot of critical reviews about the couple. So, even four years after Valery Meladze's divorce with his wife Irina, Albina is considered the culprit in the collapse of the family, where three children grew up.

Internet users poured their negative on the pages of Instagram:
F_w_natali Dzhanabaeva well, NIKAKUSHCHAYA STILL!))) All the time wondering how she even got into Viagra ... Then it became clear how ... Well, there are so many beautiful women among him, really really could not have found
_queen_margo_ I'm not against the second marriage ... Well, do not agree with the characters, it happens .... Divorce. But to get a mistress and son on the side and for so many years to deceive his wife!
A.azamatto Family breaker
Nastassia_25 Forever as the aunt in the group looked. Meladze likes it, but Janabaeva does not.
Yudenoknatalya On someone else's misfortune .....
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