/ / Anastasia Volochkova promised to voice scandalous stories

Anastasia Volochkova promised to voice scandalous stories

The former reception of the Bolshoi Theater can be called the queen of scandals. It does not take a month for the ballerina not to give rise to arguments and discussions.

Until recently, a favorite method to attractTo themselves attention, forcing the audience to discuss violently their actions, there were a variety of twine Volochkova. The actress managed to demonstrate her stretching everywhere - on the beach, in the pool, in the sauna, on the roof of the car, on the bow of the yacht and in other most unexpected places.

Gradually, interest in the twine of the stars subsided, but the public is happy to discuss the love of Volochkova for strong drinks.

Some believe that Anastasia Volochkova is illAlcoholism. Surprisingly, the ballerina seems to be trying to confirm such conversations by posting recent photos of herself at Instagram's house feasts.

The new book of Anastasia Volochkova shocking revelations of the ballerina

It seems that the ballerina is preparing a real bomb -Anastasia Volochkova began work on her new book. The actress reported the latest news in her microblogging, promising her readers scandalous personal revelations:
My book is a kind of confession of my destiny ..Many will consider this book to be very frank, it is likely that many will call it scandalous, since it will reveal many intimate details of personal life ... This book is about how difficult the price is for success ...
But that's not all. The ballerina told that she already found people who are ready to film her future book.

If we consider that in the personal life of Anastasia Volochkova there were many novels with influential men, the stories of the ballerina may not be to everyone's liking ...
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