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Polina Gagarina reveals her daughter's name, photo

That's really who can be called a real partisan! While her showbiz colleagues are happy to post "pregnant" photos in their microblogs, Polina Gagarina refused to comment on the latest news on her pregnancy until her baby was born. Moreover, the singer was angry with her fans when they discussed this topic in Instagram.

Such secrecy caused many questions among Internet users who could not understand - Polina Gagarina gave birth to a second child or not, or she is still not pregnant.

After the other day in the Instagram PolinaGagarin appeared her picture with a big belly, network users decided that the singer had already given birth. Now a new wave of questions flooded Gagarina's page in Instagram: whom Polina Gagarin gave birth to when she gave birth, a boy or a girl ...
Remembering that the singer stubbornly kept silent all nineMonths, no one expected her frankness. However, the artist unexpectedly delighted her devoted fans by publishing the first photo with the child, confessing that they had a girl with Dmitry Iskhakov.

Polina Gagarina, enjoying motherhood, told how she called her daughter

But this did not result in frank confessionsThe singer. Two days ago, Polina Gagarina showed a new photo with her daughter. The picture shows the first walk with the baby. The star frankly told herself in her microblogging about her feelings overwhelming her:
I can not see enough and breathe!💕 This is an unconditional endless love!

The fallovers left more than 300 thousand "likes" under the photograph, and in discussions, along with congratulations, one question was raised - how Paulina Gagarina called her daughter.
The singer did not intrigue the fans for a long time andAlready last night announced the name of the baby by posting a new photo. The picture shows Dmitry Iskhakov with a bouquet of flowers, standing at the heart painted on the asphalt, in the center of which is written "Mia".

It was this name that Pauline Gagarin and her husband chose for their daughter:
Today, a happy father received a certificate ofBirth. Meet Mia Dmitrievna Iskhakova! Be happy baby! In the world there are no such words to tell about our tenderness and love for you, our girl
Note that the rare name of Mia becomes popularFrom domestic celebrities. Two years ago Pavel Priluchny and Agata Mutseniets gave this name to their daughter, and recently their third daughter, Gigan and Oksana Samoilova, was named that way.
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