/ / Interior in the style of the 70-ies, the main characteristics. Interior in the style of the 70's, how to create your own hands

Interior in the style of the 70-ies, the main characteristics. Interior in the style of the 70's, how to create your own hands

It is difficult to find a more controversial era in mattersStyle than the 70s of the last century. Many designers even gave her offensive nickname "a decade of bad taste." But despite this style of the seventies today celebrates its triumphant return. And on a par with fashion on clothes, the 70's win a worthy place in design.

The echo of the past: the expression of the style of the 70's in the interior

Bright colors, an abundance of geometric prints,Polished surfaces and unusual combinations - the main attributes of a chaotic seventies. That's why embodying this decor in the interior, it's so easy to cross the thin line between an unconventional approach and blatant bad taste, eclecticism and kitsch. Vrochom avoid design failure is not difficult. It is enough not to overload the interior with unbreakable accessories and use literally a few strokes of the main characteristics of the style.

Bright shades of bohemian life

The first thing you pay attention to in the interior70's - it's juicy, sometimes even causing, shades. The abundance of purple, purple, emerald, mustard, turquoise, scarlet colors can revive even the most dull room. But with the same success, the misuse of these bohemian shades can ruin the whole appeal of the decor. Therefore, stylists recommend not to overdo with the use of color accents, but use their unusual combinations. For example, paint the handles of a boring brown chest in bright lime or purple.

His Majesty Textiles

Interior in the style of the 70's - a real findFor textile lovers. Carpets, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, textile panels can be both sustained in one direction attributes, and absolutely different color accents. Especially welcome is the use in the decor of artificial fur, velor, plush, velvet, imitation leather.

Polished to shine

Another distinctive characteristic of the styleThe 70's are polished surfaces. Most often this "brilliant" role is taken over by furniture: coffee tables, chests of drawers, kitchen sideboards, armchairs. The furniture design is very laconic - thin legs and cinnamon shades.

How to create a style of 70's in the interior: simple tips

Independently turn your apartment into a monasteryCreative bohemia is not difficult. It is enough to refresh old furniture with color, add carpets and pillows, bright paintings and panels. Be sure to use handmade gizmos, which add to the interior of home comfort and individuality. And do not forget the details. For example, lava lamps, records, old radio, books and services.

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