/ / Dana Borisova is ready to sue her own mother

Dana Borisova is ready to sue her own mother

TV presenter Dana Borisova does not want to recognizeHis addiction and continues to blame his own mother in all his problems. Now Dana is being rehabilitated in a specialized clinic in Thailand, where she was placed with the help of Andrei Malakhov.

A well-known TV presenter has long wanted to attractPublic attention to the problems of Borisova, but the girl every time gave him the promise to get rid of his addiction. And when the mother of Dana turned to the facilitator for help, Malakhov realized that, without taking urgent measures, you could lose the girl forever.

Dana Borisova blames mother for greed and self-interest

The latest news about Dana Borisova appearedToday in several Russian media. According to journalists, Borisova took the act of her mother as a betrayal. The presenter believes that this mother locked her in the clinic in order to take away her daughter Polina.

Now the girl lives with her father Maxim Aksenov,So the chances of grandmother to take away her granddaughter are zero. But Dana stubbornly tries not to recognize the obvious facts, and continues to blame the mother for all mortal sins.

Relations between TV presenter and motherHave deteriorated long ago. Dana did not like that Ekaterina Ivanovna, being a doctor, constantly interfered in her life, trying to control her unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, several years ago, the presenter bought her mother's apartment in Sudak, thus deciding to get rid of the presence of a woman in her life.

However, Ekaterina Ivanovna continued to monitorHealth of her daughter, and when Polina on the phone told her grandmother about the white powder found in her mother's things, immediately left all the business and rushed to Moscow. The woman was not easy to give a frank confession made in the studio of Andrei Malakhov, but she understood that this was her only chance to save her daughter.
Dana, in turn, does not understand the scale of her own problem and continues to blame her mother for greed and self-interest. In this it is supported by some friends from social gatherings.

Stylist Ruslan Gromov agrees with the host and alsoBelieves that the main goal of Catherine Ivanovna is a Moscow apartment Borisova, for which the woman and tries to deprive the daughter of parental rights. Ruslan added that in the clinic Dana does not receive the necessary treatment, only psychologists work with him, which in his opinion is only an excuse to keep her away from Moscow.
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