/ / Prince William estimated the "bare" pictures of Keith Middleton at 1.5 million euros

Prince William estimated the "bare" pictures of Keith Middleton at 1.5 million euros

Yesterday in the French city of NanterreCourt hearings on the suit of the British royal family to the tabloid Closer and the weekly La Provence. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton accuse the publication of violation of their privacy. As the defendants before the court will be the owners, photographers and other employees of the publications Closer and La Provence.

The reason for the conversion of English monarchsThe French court took pictures of Kate Middleton topless, made five years ago during her vacation with Prince William at a manor in Provence owned by members of the royal family. Then photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, sunbathing topless, placed immediately two French tabloid, bought pictures from the paparazzi. The photos caused a real international scandal.

The court fined the compromising photos of the Duchess of the Cambridge edition, prohibiting further reproduction of photographs by any other means.

Prince William decided to sue because of the pictures of Kate because of ... Princess Diana

It is unclear why the five-year-old historySurfaced. According to the assumptions of the British media, Prince William was shocked by the impudence of the French paparazzi, who captured his wife in such an intimate way. This story reminded William of the death of his mother - in fatal accident it was also followed by the French paparazzi.

In August this year will be 20 years from the dayThe death of Princess Diana. The princes William and Harry interrupted the silence for many years and began to discuss the psychological trauma they had received as a child due to the tragic death of their mother. Not surprisingly, the princes have a special attitude towards French photographers who somehow try to penetrate the private life of their family.

Prince William filed a lawsuit against the FrenchPublications that published a photo topless Kate Middleton and demanded from the perpetrators an amount of 1.5 million euros in compensation for moral damage. The court decision on this case will be rendered on July 4.
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