/ / Nikita Dzhigurda announced reconciliation with Marina Anisina and the third child

Nikita Dzhigurda announced reconciliation with Marina Anisina and the third child

Those who a couple of months ago made a forecast forReunion of the most shocking pair of domestic show business, was not mistaken. Today all the mass media reported the latest news in the morning: Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina again together.

Even on the eve of the divorce, the sportswomanIn instagram unexpectedly reported that Nikita Dzhigurdy brazenly deceived. Believing the evil-doers, Anisina decided to divorce. Now the figure skater is sure that her husband is a victim of slanderers. Nevertheless, the divorce took place, although Anisina at the last moment wanted to cancel it.

Marina Anisina intrigued the readers of her Instagram with a new pregnancy

After the declaration of divorce, Nikita's wifeDzhigurdy gave several frank interviews on television. Particularly shocked fans of the program "The Secret of a Million" with Anisina, where she told a lot of details about life with the showman.

Well, scandalous programs with Dzhigurda itselfResembled a theater of military operations, which only cost the video of Dzhigurdy and Bratash, which appeared on the central television channels. It seemed that after such scandalous stories, nothing could reconcile the former spouses.

Yesterday it was 9 years since the wedding of MarinaAnisina and Nikita Dzhigurdy. The former spouses decided to celebrate this family holiday and met in France. In Instagram Anisina appeared a photo and a video with Nikita Dzhigurda. The sportswoman admitted that she had forgiven her ex-husband and asked not to condemn her:
Do not judge me. I forgave Dzhigurda! Nikita is the father of my children, who do not worship in him. If you knew what I learned, you would do the same! There are a lot of slander and lies around us! But we won! Maybe it's trite, but without love the world will drown in evil and in war! I know that I love and love. Be able to forgive, and you will win too

In the photo, Anisina managed to consider the followersHidden under a free dress an enlarged tummy tummy. And the phrase of Marina that she forgave Dzhigurda after she learned something, only increased the suspicions in pregnancy Anisina. In the discussions, fans of the sportswoman began to congratulate the reconciled spouses on the upcoming addition.

Nikita Dzhigurda commented on the new pregnancy of Marina Anisina

Happy Nikita Dzhigurda with pleasure answered the questions of the journalists who got through to him. Showman confirmed that he was reunited with his ex-wife and is ready to marry her again.

Dzhigurda did not confirm, but did not deny the information that Marina Anisina is waiting for the third child. An outrageous actor said that his beloved woman is ready to become a mother again:
As for the children, the third child we will definitely have - Marina gave consent to this. I want many children from my beloved woman.
At the same time, Nikita Dzhigurda noted that in the near future he will be fully occupied by the courts for the legacy of their deceased kuma Lyudmila Bratash.
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