/ / Weather in Sochi - September 2016 according to the forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center, water temperature, air and reviews

Weather in Sochi - September 2016 according to the forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center, water temperature, air and reviews

Being for a long timeThe most popular resort for Russians as early as the Soviet Union, Sochi is reaping the glory of the best of Russian cities for recreation. With the last days of the departing summer, the number of people on Sochi beaches also melts: children return to schools, students to universities, employees to offices. In Sochi, the "velvet season" comes. They say that this name did not go from the fact that the weather in Sochi - September especially, is so soft that it is comparable to the velvety surface of the fabric. In the beginning of autumn it's not so hot, and in the evenings it's cool. Ladies coming to the resort at this time, stocked up with beautiful outfits sewn from velvet. In the evening they strolled along the embankment, showing off fashionable dresses and beautiful faces, slightly touched by a late, autumn tan. Today, Sochi is in the lead among all the resorts preferred by our fellow citizens. Those who already listened to the laudatory reviews of the summer vacation on the Black Sea are burning with impatience to relax on the coast in September. Of course, the first thing that interests vacationers is the weather and the temperature of the water this month. Usually the Hydrometeorological Center gives only approximate forecasts, but they are a good reference point for each of their holidaymakers.

What weather is expected in Sochi in September 2016 - forecast hydrometeorological center

Its epithet "velvet" in the autumn Sochi seasonFully justify in the beginning and the middle of the month. It is then that the air will be warmed up to + 24 ° C and above. By the end of the month October will begin to hint about its approach. Already from the twentieth of September, the air temperature will drop to + 16 ° C in the daytime, and the night temperatures at the end of the month (up to +5 ° C) will make you remember about the coming cold weather and the end of vacation. The hydrometeorological center predicts a fairly dry and unapproachable September in 2016. Against the backdrop of such weather, sunny and very warm, in Sochi will ripen the sweet grapes, plums and the first apples. Residents of the northern regions of Russia, who come to rest on the sea in the autumn, often bring with them in their suitcases gifts of the nature of Sochi-ripe fruit, such inexpensive in the season. At home they are waiting for the first frost, and a piece of sun from the Krasnodar Region in the form of an amber grapes will immediately add heat to the house.

What is the weather and water temperature expected in Sochi in September?

By the number of sunny days in September in SochiLeads, ahead of even July, more often than others, bringing torrential rains. The average daily temperature in the city and the surrounding area reaches + 24-25 ° C, and the water temperature + 24 ° C. Not having enough time to cool during the descending night coolness, the water in the Black Sea, especially at the beginning of the month, is sometimes warmer than air. During rare rains resting literally spend hours in warm water, enjoying the last warm days of 2016. Soon October will come, and in the Krasnodar Territory, and throughout Russia there will be cold weather, and in the north, frosts on the soil surface. In the meantime, you should rest, carelessly dabble in the salty clean Black Sea water, sunbathe and not be afraid to burn on the beach and eat fresh juicy fruits, touched by the warmth of the velvet season.

What is the weather like in Sochi in September?

Among vacationers who visit Sochi in September,There are lots of fans to discuss their holidays on forums and social networks. Curiosity is inherent in each of us. Even those who only think about the autumn vacation in Sochi, with interest reads reviews of tourists who have already returned from the resort and sharing their impressions online. Usually, such comments and comments appear immediately upon the arrival of the spa-goers home: fresh impressions and photo sharing are not impatient for everyone. Returning vacationers usually praise the weather in September in Sochi. Among their "for" rest in the early autumn is the argument in favor of deserted beaches and the absence of a huge number of children attacking the coast in the summer.
The same vacationers, leaving their feedbackOn the pages of social networks, insist that the weather in Sochi - September is not the most important thing that attracts them to the main Russian resort. The absence of summer crowd, the falling prices for rented accommodation, tickets for airplanes that are sold at a discount, cheap delicious fruits ... arguments for the September trip to Sochi are huge! Experienced tourists, most often other places to relax choosing Sochi, argue that, no matter what the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, in this coastal city in the beginning of autumn you should always go with three "sets" of clothes. The first of them - for warm days, when the weather is sunny and the air temperature is above + 23 ° С. The second - for cool "velvet" Sochi autumn nights and nights. The third, of course, - beach: bathing suit, swimming trunks, towels, hats, glasses. The water temperature in the sea is so warm that you will dabble there every day!
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