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Simple and effective Art Nouveau style

Interior design of the living room is a processCreative, but difficult, especially in the first stage, when you just choose a style. And if in a variety of areas you can not find your own, it's worth paying attention to the Art Nouveau style. With its help you can create a unique, comfortable and cozy living room, which will become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family.

The advantage of this style is that because ofMixing it in features of different directions, it has no clear boundaries. It opens full scope to the imagination and makes it possible to realize the boldest ideas.
But still, any style, even the most free, implies the presence of certain unchanging characteristics that make it recognizable. For the Art Nouveau style it is:
Straight lines. It is on them that the living room environment is built. The modern beauty is dominated by a clear beauty of simple geometric shapes. If you want to dilute it, use circles, spheres, cylinders, but forget about the curls and vignettes. The simpler, the better - this is the motto of the Art Nouveau style.

Minimalism. If some items are not needed in the living room -Remove them. Cumbersome cupboards and old, treasured chests of drawers, a folding sofa, heavy curtains - safely remove all this. Let their place take light glass tables, hanging shelves and a mirrored closet that will hide all the objects that can create a feeling of clutter.

Use of shiny surfaces. Mirrors, glass inserts, stained glass, glossyTile, shining stretch ceiling - all this also applies to the modern style. On the one hand, thanks to such a number of reflective surfaces, the room seems bigger and lighter, on the other - it creates a special, positive atmosphere.

Light color scheme with bright accents. Using a neutral and pastel paletteMakes it possible to make the room visually larger and more spacious, so in large rooms, choose the coloring especially carefully so that there is no feeling of emptiness. Bright color spots help to avoid this, and at the same time give the atmosphere volume.

In addition, in the modern style is preferableSimple furniture that many drapes and bedspreads do not hide. And two or three bright accessories instead of endless shelves with trinkets will help harmoniously and stylishly complete the interior.
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