/ / Dmitry Shepelev spoke about stealing Rusfond money from the Friske family

Dmitry Shepelev spoke about the theft of Rusfond's money by the Friske family

Last week the media reported the latest newsAbout the decision of the court on the lawsuit of "Rusfond" to the heirs of Zhanna Friske. Having examined the case materials, the court decided to collect 21.633 million rubles from Zhanna Friske's parents and her son Platon.

A huge amount was withdrawn from the singer's accountsShortly before her death. Of the 25 million listed by Rusfond for the treatment of Zhanna Friske, the supporting documents are only for the amount of 4 million. The fate of the remaining money remained unknown.

Dmitry Shepelev will defend his son's rights in court

Some time ago it was found out that money from charity accounts were taken by Olga Borisovna - Zhanna Friske's mother. This was done shortly before the death of the singer.

Given that Jeanne's direct heirs areHer parents and only son, the court ruled to recover 21 million from all three heirs. More information on the court decision can be found on the website of the Country of Soviets.
Dmitry Shepelev is glad that he was charged withKidnapping of charitable money. At the same time, the TV preserver regrets that part of the responsibility for the missing money is now assigned to his young son Plato, because the child could not be involved in the removal of a huge amount of money:
Of course, neither I nor my son touched this money. Because they did not have access to charity accounts

At the same time Shepelev is glad that in two years of endless accusations of fraud and theft his reputation has been restored.
Dmitry Shepelev, commenting on the court's decision,Noted that he considers the withdrawal of charitable money theft, because such a large amount could not be spent for several weeks on a dying person:
Collected charitable funds for severalWeeks before Jeanne's death were taken from her mother's account by Olga Friske. Obviously, in a few days it is impossible to spend this money on the treatment of a hopelessly sick, dying person. How they were spent I do not know. Paradoxically, the court did not qualify these actions, I do not know how to call it otherwise than theft.

A popular TV presenter is sure that Plato does notShould be responsible for the actions of his grandparents. Dmitry Shepelev in the near future intends to go to court to appeal against the decision on "Rusfond" insofar as concerns the responsibility of his son.
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