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Kitchen interior styles, review with photo. The best styles of kitchen interior, 50 photo-examples

The kitchen is the mirror of the house. I want the reflection in it not just clean, but also cozy, hospitable, comfortable, and, importantly, functional. It is difficult to achieve such a combination, but it is possible. You just need to choose the right style. The best styles of kitchen interior with a photo, as well as a description for them in our article.

Difficult choice: how to decide on the style of the interior

To begin with, we note that not everyA stylistic solution, even the most innovative and fashionable, will be appropriate within the walls of the kitchen. The specificity of this room is such that no matter how interesting the design idea is, its functionality will be an order of magnitude more important. That's why, having discarded all unnecessary details, most interior stylists are advised to choose one of the following four options for the kitchen: classical, country, provence, modern.

Classic style kitchen

Modern classic

Kitchen in country style

Kitchen in a modern style

Modern style

Country style

Provencal cuisine

A sign of good taste: a classic style in the interior of the kitchen

A variant of the kitchen in the classical style is likeA small black dress in a women's wardrobe: always appropriate and never out of fashion. True, there are a few fairly strict rules that should be observed when decorating the kitchen in this style:

  • First, the room itself should be large enough and light. Otherwise, the classic makes the space heavier and looks like a philistine one.
  • Secondly, it is better for the kitchen to use lightDecoration and furniture, avoiding a lot of gilding and stucco molding. Of course, similar attributes of the classical Empire and Baroque can be present, but it is better if carved with gilding will be a dining set, rather than kitchen cabinets.
  • Thirdly, choosing a kitchen in the classical style, well think over the decor and placement of household appliances. It is better if it is built-in, and its appearance will not contrast with the general background.

Country romanticism: country style in the interior of the kitchen

This option, like the previous one, will not tolerateLimited space. Well, where is it seen that the country kitchen was small? It was the interior of large light kitchens, as in village houses, that became the main for country style.

Unlike the classical Empire style, in the kitchen in theCountry style there is no place for pomposity and luxury. Rather, on the contrary, it is an interior filled with home comfort, warmth and simplicity. In its basis, of course, natural materials: wooden floors, massive oak furniture, cotton curtains, pottery. In such a kitchen you want to bake pies and treat guests to tea!

But despite all its seeming simplicity,Country does not tolerate shortcomings. In such a kitchen there should be no glossy surfaces, bright colors, synthetic fabrics. With small household appliances also it is worth to be careful: it should not be in a prominent place and attract increased attention. But for kitchen utensils and other small kitchen utensils country style is a real expanse. Breadcrumbs, biscuits, boards, plates are not just used for such a kitchen - they become an element of decor, proudly decorating themselves with walls and shelves.

Actual styles of kitchen interior: modern art nouveau

But no matter how sweet was the romance of the villageLife, the modern rhythm of life dictates its rules. And if you live in a standard apartment, then, most likely, you can not boast of a large kitchen. In addition, many today prefer to expand their living space to turn their homes into studio apartments, where the kitchen seamlessly flows into the living room or bedroom. In the face of such a space deficit, designers advise using modern style for decorating a kitchen visit. And, it does not have to be pure modernity. On the contrary, the blending of several modern trends is welcome: high-tech, minimalism, modern, art deco, loft. Depending on their combination, you can get, as the ultramodern space filled with innovative technology, and the most simple, yet functional kitchen.

Key points for the kitchen in a modern styleAre: light shades, glossy surfaces, straight lines, minimum decor. Household appliances should be many and desirable, so that its color would match the basic tone of the kitchen. Color games of contrasts and bright shades in the form of main accents are also allowed.

Embodiment of tenderness: Provence style for the kitchen

If the above styles of interior for the kitchenAre rather conservative, then the provence differs from them by softer style frames. Of course, for the kitchen in the style of Provence, there are a number of inalienable characteristics. For example, aged furniture, pastel colors, abundance of textiles and decor. But at the same time, these characteristics do not limit your creativity, which allows you to create an absolutely individual cuisine, unlike any other in the world. Imagine only that the interior of such a kitchen can easily fit your family sideboard with peeling paint, embroidered with grandmother napkins and forged candlestick from the flea market. These little things will create a unique atmosphere and make your kitchen an ideal place to relax!

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