/ / First wife of Dmitry Tarasov told how to punish children correctly

The first wife of Dmitry Tarasov told how to punish children correctly

While Olga Buzova conquers the national stage,And Dmitry Tarasov enjoys a new relationship with Anastasia Kostenko, the first wife of the football player from time to time shares the latest news with the subscribers of his blog in Instagram.

How would not like Oksana TarasovaComment on the divorce of her ex-spouse with the star "Doma-2", who played a role razluchnitsy, a woman is very self-contained in her emotions. Oksana also prefers not to discuss the current relationship of the former husband and Anastasia Kostenko.
Nevertheless, from time to time in discussionsInstinct of Oksana Tarasova you can find out about her relationship with the footballer's family. So, recently, answering the question of one of the subscribers about her communication with the former mother-in-law, Oksana Tarasova admitted that she prefers to communicate with Mother Tarasova exclusively on issues related to Angelina, the common daughter of Oksana and Dmitry.

Oksana Tarasova told about the school achievements of her daughter

The first wife of Dmitry Tarasov, having managed to sueFootballer a good amount of alimony, took a wise position. The woman, whom the athlete threw together with the young child six years ago for the sake of relations with Olga Buzovoy, not only publicly refuses to discuss this story, but even in every possible way tries to maintain equal relations with the ex-spouse. So, Oksana welcomes the meetings and communication of young Angelina with the Pope.

By the way, Dmitry Tarasov has already managed to introduceThe only daughter with Anastasia Kostenko. The couple together with Angelina visited a children's holiday on the ship-restaurant "Swallow". About what passions are boiling around this restaurant, told the portal Strana-Sovetov.com.
But the school questions of his daughter Dmitry did notThe mother of the girl goes to the parents' meetings. Today Oksana Tarasova boasted in her Instagram that Angelina is studying well and does not make mom blush at parents' meetings.

At the same time, Oksana shared with her subscribers recommendations for the punishment of children:
... always punish the child in a playful form. For example: "Here came a rabbit-pobegaychik and whispered in my ear that you, pi *** k, smoked behind the garages."
Fallovers appreciated the sense of humor Oksana Tarasova:
Now_ok58 And in response: "Mother, but what do you smoke if you get hare-whippers-whippers!?"
Nadyav81 😁😁😁😃😃😃 oh I can’t ..... I love your humor !!!!! As they say, hashtegrzhunemogu
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