/ / Victoria Bonya first voiced the true reason for parting with Alex Smerfit

Victoria Bonya first voiced the true reason for parting with Alex Smerfit

The news that Victoria Bony has parted ways withMillionaire from Monaco after six years of relationships, became for many of her fans a real shock. It just so happened that it was Bonya who became the only one of the "House-2" stars, who managed to realize the fairy tale about Cinderella. The girl, after leaving a scandalous reality show, managed to build a relationship with a handsome millionaire.

Not surprisingly, the couple Boni and Smurfit hadRiveted the close attention not only of fans, but also of numerous hayters. The ill-wishers seemed to be just waiting for Victoria to miss out on her bones.

The news about the separation of Victoria Boni and Alex Smurfit was discussed for several months. What kind of versions did not appear in the comments.
Today Victoria Bonya herself for the first time since the moment it became known about their decision with Alex, told about the true reason for parting.

Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit parted for children

According to Victoria, he and Alex managed to maintain friendly relations, because they are connected by something more than love - the common daughter of Angelina-Letizia.

Victoria does not hide that she always dreamed of having several children. It was this moment that became the stumbling block: Alex, who was younger than Vicki, did not want any more children in the near future:
At some point, we realized that we are going in differentDirections. I dream of a big family, I want both a second and a third child. One of the reasons for the separation was Alex's reluctance to have more children now. His main priority at the moment is to realize himself in his career. And for me it's important to realize yourself as a mother.
Dreaming of a large family, Victoria suggested that Smurfit even adopt a child, but he was categorically against it.

The former "Doma-2" star admitted that after the actual separation from Alex in October last year, she did not seek new relations. Now Victoria estimates the man as the father of her future children:
Today I'm not looking for a relationship for the sake of a relationship, I'm looking at a man as a potential father of my future children. To take hold as a mother for me now is more important than anything else.
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