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The weather in Abkhazia - July 2016 is forecasted, the average temperature of air and water in July and reviews of tourists

After proclaiming independence from Georgia,The main city of Abkhazia has slightly changed its name. Now vacationers buy tickets not "in Sukhumi", but "in Sukhum". However, the change in the name of the capital of Abkhazia did not affect the annual decision of hundreds of thousands of tourists who prefer the July holidays in Abkhazia to travel to other places. The wonderful climate of this republic, located near the Black Sea, the hospitality of local residents, fresh fruit growing on trees directly overhead and excellent Abkhazian wine together outweigh the problems in Abkhazia after the proclamation of its independence. The most comfortable weather for sea holidays in Abkhazia is July. Temperatures of the month reach + 33C, so the sea warms up quickly. The high humidity of the air together with the heat favors the cultivation of citrus fruits, which on the shelves of shops and markets of Sukhumi, Gagra and Pitsunda - more than enough! Many resorters for decades choose the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia for recreation, preferring other months is July.

What will the weather be like in Abkhazia in July 2016 - forecast hydrometeorological center

According to preliminary forecasts of the hydrometeorological centerThe weather in Abkhazia in July 2016 is expected to be hot and, as usual, wet. The minimum night temperature of +19 ° C allows resting people to rest a little from the daytime heat, sometimes reaching +34 ° C. The weather is in the beginning of July and the average air temperature in July is + 26С. It is these temperatures, comfortable for rest and a long stay in the fresh air, make beach holidays the most popular in the republic. Of course, the Abkhazian climate, stormy rivers, gorges and picturesque mountain ranges of Abkhazia offer other types of recreation - rafting, mountain tourism. Weather in and Sukhumi, and in Gagra, and in Pitsunda will be comfortable for relaxing by the sea.

What is the usual weather and water temperature in Abkhazia in July?

Mid-July daytime temperatures in AbkhaziaRecord the readings of + 27C, but among the days at the end of July there are also very hot, with an + 35C. Due to increased humidity, these temperatures are felt even higher. That is why among leisure activities in Abkhazia so popular is rest in the mountains and rafting along the rivers: it's cooler there. The water temperature in the sea in July reaches + 22-23C, and many holidaymakers are saved from the heat by frequent bathing.

Reviews of holidaymakers about the weather in Abkhazia for July

According to visitors, the weather in July in AbkhaziaComfortable for all kinds of recreation. Those who many years ago fell in love with Gagra, Pitsunda, whose friends and relatives live in Sukhumi, continue to come to the republic to rest. Neither sharply reduced assortment of products in stores, nor high prices for luxury accommodation do not stop the flow of tourists to the resorts of Abkhazia. July hot weather and warm reception of tourists by local residents, as well as low prices in cafes and shops in comparison with Anapa and Sochi contribute to the choice of many holidaymakers. They go on vacation to Abkhazia.

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We hope that now that you have learned whatThe weather in Abkhazia is waiting for you in July, you come here to rest here. The weather in Abkhazia - July is especially favorable for holidays spent with comfort.
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