/ / Weather in the Crimea - July 2016 at the beginning and end of the month, the temperature of water and air on the peninsula

Weather in the Crimea - July 2016 at the beginning and end of the month, the temperature of water and air on the peninsula

Worked for a year and deserved a great vacation? Be sure to select this year for a holiday in Crimea in July! The weather will be sunny, dry and very warm. The average daily July temperature will approach + 27C, and even at night the thermometer will not show below + 20C. During the whole month, rain is not expected; Only towards the end of July the summer rain and thunderstorm (in the twentieth of July) will bring freshness and coolness to the atmosphere. The weather in different parts of the Crimea will be similar. Only in Evpatoria the temperature of air and water will be above average Krimsky on 2С. Of course, you can not miss such nice days. Take the opportunity to relax in Yalta or Alushta, bring your children to rest in Evpatoria, rest the whole family in Feodosia. Spending a vacation in one of the Crimean cities, go on an excursion to the historical and mysterious places of Crimea, associated with ancient legends. The weather in the Crimea - July 2016 (the entire month) favors any kind of recreation.

What will the weather be like in the Crimea in July 2016, as forecasted by the hydrometeorological center?

The forecast of the hydrometeorological center promises to the Crimeans and guestsPeninsula hot, dry weather. Only cool nights and light rain in the second half of the month will cool the pebbles near the sea, hot in the hot July sun. And in early July, and at the end of the month, the weather will be identical. The daily high of July +29 and the night minimum of + 17C make it possible to call July the most optimal month for summer vacation. On the peninsula, the August heat has not yet come, and the sea has already warmed up enough not to be afraid of catching cold from unaccustomed use.

What is the average water temperature in July in the Crimea?

If you prefer to rest in coolness, butBathe in very warm water, go to the sea in the evening. At this time, the sun does not burn anymore, the air temperature is comfortable (+ 24C), and the water heated under the sun's rays is so warm that you can spend hours in the sea! The average water temperature in July in the Crimea is + 22-23C. June "low" (cold currents with a sharp cooling of water) is not expected.

What usually happens in the Crimea in July: reviews of tourists

The weather and water in Crimea in July are the most comfortableFor a holiday at sea. Of course, with an average comfortable July temperature of +26-27С, there are days when the heat reaches + 35 ° C, but this happens extremely rarely. Crimean weather is very capricious and changeable, so it's better to always carry an umbrella and water in a bottle. Even on the clearest day in July, the wind may blow, thunder and flood the real July downpour! If this happens, the rain will end as soon and unexpectedly as it began. In responses to the weather, vacationers returning from the rest of the Crimea were satisfied with the temperature of the air and water. By the minuses of the July Crimean holiday, perhaps, can be attributed a jump in house prices, handed over to holidaymakers. Nevertheless, experienced tourists and armed with knowledge and a mass of acquaintances in the Crimea, the Russians already know well where they will go this summer. They agree in advance with the owners of the apartments and the price, and the conditions of residence. However, it was always like this.

What will the weather be like in Sochi in July 2016. Forecast of the hydrometeorological center here

The weather in Crimea in July 2016 will bring onlyGood and warm days. We sincerely wish you that the Crimean holiday left in your heart and soul the same warm and tender feelings and memories as the July weather.
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