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Natalia Ionova mocked the insipid robot dress

Being an active instragrschitsey, Natalia Ionova onFor quite some time, it remained an object for criticizing the subscribers of its microblogging. Long ago the girl-girl GluckoZa stayed in the past, turning into a beautiful bright woman.

Natalia perfectly understands that her figure is perfect. The actress does not miss the opportunity to demonstrate her charms to the whole world. In Gluko's Instagram, you can find many frank pictures.

More than once the singer got from her subscribers for too intimate provocative photos.

Gluck's followers ridiculed her ridiculous appearance

It is not known what happened in lifeSinger, but recently in her microblogging too frank pictures have ceased to appear. Perhaps Natalia listened to the followers. Or maybe the husband of the artist Alexander Chistyakov was tired of the provocative photosessions of the wife.
Today on the page in Instagram Natalia Ionova there were her new photos in a rather chaste attire.

For the release of the singer chose a silver suit, the jacket of which is fastened to the chin, depriving the star of the opportunity to demonstrate the decollete.

To the suit, more like a spacesuit, Natalia picked up red shoes and red stockings-mesh.

Unusual image of Natalia's subscribersChistyakova-Ionova almost unanimously recognized as a failure. In discussions to the photo, commentators competed in wit, especially noting the striking similarity of the singer's bow with the robot's costume from the TV movie "Guest from the Future": "
Borisovna1504 Werther from c / f "Guest from the future" immediately remembered.
Svetlana310677 What bad taste
Olga161178 Wife's robot Werther's wife)))
Da.scha Interwinter
Ecotwinsong Alice, I have a melon!
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Well, will we find 10 differences?

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