/ / Photo of Maria Maksakova, 16 kg thin at Eurovision-2017, blew up the Internet

Photo of Maria Maksakova, 16 kg thin at Eurovision-2017, blew up the Internet

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Since the murder of the former RussianDeputy Denis Voronenkov passed a month and a half. During this time, the investigation could not establish the customers of a resonant crime. The widow of the politician, Maria Maksakova, who moved after him to Kiev at the end of last year, is not yet in a hurry to leave the Ukrainian capital.

For these few weeks the famous surnameThe Maksakovs were regularly mentioned in the media, which publish the latest news. It turned out that after the death of her husband Maria Maksakova stayed at the broken trough - all millions and real estate of the wife went to his first wife, the successful career of the opera singer has ended. To top it off, Mary's mother, the actress Lyudmila Maksakova, did not support her daughter in a hard time, sharply speaking about her former son-in-law.

The slender legs of Maria Maksakova delighted the spectators of Eurovision-2017

Yesterday a Russian journalist Arthur arrived in KievGasparian. The reporter has known Maria Maksakova for a long time, therefore the actress agreed to give him a great interview. Gasparyan and Maksakova went yesterday to the semifinal of "Eurovision-2017", which the journalist told in one of the news publications.

According to Gasparyan, all attention of the men was riveted yesterday to Maria Maksakova:
While we were going to the VIP-box, the young widow was constantly devouring lustful looks. Good!

The secret of such close attention of the guests of "Eurovision-2017" to the widow of Denis Voronenkov is not only in her recognizability. It turns out that Maria Maksakova lost 16 kilograms during her mourning time!

For the first appearance after the death of her husbandPrettier Maria Maksakova chose a short black dress that favorably emphasizes her changed shape and slender legs. About how thin Maksakova lost, Arthur Gasparyan said:
When we met, then all the divas of the contest, I must say, faded in my eyes with gray mice. Lose 16 kg, stylishly dressed, fresh face, light and pleasant in communication, as always ...
In support of his words, the journalist published a photo of the slimmed Maria Maksakova at Eurovision-2017 in Kiev, which in a few hours became mega popular on the Internet.
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