/ / Style Provence in the interior of the house and apartment, ideas with photos. The main characteristics of the style of Provence in the interior

Style Provence in the interior of the house and apartment, ideas with photos. The main characteristics of the style of Provence in the interior

A cozy atmosphere, pastel shades and uniqueThe color of the French province - this is how you can briefly characterize the style of Provence in the interior, which is increasingly found in our homes and apartments. Such popularity of the a la décor of the French outback can easily be explained by its consonance with the traditional in our understanding coziness, without which the house from the family nest turns into a simple living quarters. The main features and key characteristics of the Provence style will be discussed in our today's article.

French country: Provence style in the interior

Let's start with the fact that the style of Provence originated inThe province of the same name in the south of France - a unique area with beautiful landscapes and a rather hot climate. It is the tradition of local residents to use in the design of their homes mainly light shades, light textiles and floral motifs and laid the foundation for one of the most popular interior solutions of our time. In addition, the distinctive feature of this "village" style is the connection of generations, which can be traced in a skillful combination of furniture and household items belonging to different epochs. Typically, this is an old kitchen utensils or cracked from time chest, yellowed photos in the forged frames. It is these "old" elements of the decor that give the room a special cosiness and a warm home atmosphere. In addition, characteristic of the interior in the style of Provence is the abundance of light. And in the afternoon it should provide large windows, and in the evening numerous lamps, candles and, if possible, a real fireplace.

Corner of romance: ideas for interior in the style of Provence

But despite all the comfort and comfort, Provence can notCall a universal interior solution in its pure form. Certainly, it is good for a big country house or country cottage, where due to spacious premises it can manifest itself to the fullest. But in a small apartment Provence will be crowded and look everywhere it will not be suitable. Therefore, if you really want to translate provincial romance into an apartment, it is better to choose a special zone for this or use certain elements of decor. For example, in a small apartment the kitchen in the style of Provence will look very harmonious: white furniture, light walls, carved shelves and a lot of porcelain and earthenware.

On a note! Make a kitchen in the style of Provence is quite simple with your own hands. To do this, you need to arm yourself with a brush and pastel shades and use them to decorate the kitchen boxes. To complement the interior is a short curtains with ruffles, painted porcelain plates and towels in a flower.

The bedroom in this room will become romantic and cozy.Style, for the arrangement of which you must necessarily use a large number of natural textiles of natural shades, light wallpaper, floral motifs, forged items and aged furniture. And that such a provincial zone does not break out of the general mood of your house or apartment, make sure to use the individual elements of Provence everywhere, even on the balcony. For example, it can be light wallpaper, an abundance of photos and pictures, vases with flowers, antique furniture and textile accents.

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