/ / Maslenitsa 2016: when this year. Carnival festival when begins and ends

Maslenitsa 2016: when this year. Carnival festival when begins and ends

Maslenitsa 2016 (pancake week) - one of the mostGood and happy holidays in the year. For seven days, adults and children hold festivities, inviting and visiting guests, tasting delicious pancakes and enjoying the arrival of spring. Shrovetide week is a true national celebration, preceded by a heavy entry into strict Lent.

All the adorable feast of pancakes has otherTitle. For example, "meat" - because during the carnival season it is forbidden to serve and eat any meat. Or "cheese" - this name is explained by the abundance of cheese on the table during all seven solemn days. Both the names and the tradition of the Carnival celebration are deeply rooted in history. But as in the old days, and today, a pancake week is celebrated cheerfully, with songs, dances, feasts and a grand scale.

When Maslenitsa in 2016

The majority of modern Russians, onlyHaving managed to spend the previous year, rush to find out when Maslenitsa this year. No wonder, because during the pancake week it is recommended to rest as much as possible, and also eat a lot: often and everywhere, wherever possible. After all, gluttony is considered the main principle of Masliana.

So when is the Carnival in 2016? We hasten to inform you: the pancake week begins on March 7 - on the eve of the international women's day, and ends on March 13 - the day before Lent.

Maslenitsa 2016: how to celebrate

The Carnival celebration lasts from Monday to Sunday, and literally every day this week has its own traditions, which is extremely important to observe.

  • Monday - "Meeting of the carnival." On this day, each landlady begins to bake pancakes, the first of which always gives to the beggar. Also on Monday, prepare and dress up a scarecrow that will stand on the street until the last day of the celebration.
  • Tuesday - "Flirt". The second day is dedicated to youth. Mass festivities, sleigh rides, competitions, etc. are held.
  • Wednesday - "Gourmand". On the third day of the pancake week, many guests are invited to the house, everyone is treated to pancakes, gingerbread, cakes. The special attention is given to the sons-in-law. As an entertainment choose mainly horse racing and fisticuffs.
  • Thursday - "Razgulay." On this day, the Shrove Carnival begins with characteristic festivities, games, dances and hymns.

  • Friday - "Teschiny Vespers". On the eve of the evening, son-in-law's favorite mother-in-law is invited for Friday's pancakes.
  • Saturday - "Zolovkin gathering". On this day, daughters-in-law are invited to visit their spouses, treat them to goodies and give gifts.
  • Sunday is "Forgiveness Sunday". A glorious day to ask for forgiveness for all the troubles and grievances that have been committed. Also on this day they escort Maslenitsa and burn the stuffed animal prepared on Monday.

All the days of the celebration Maslenitsa 2016 in their own gorgeous. But only the one who will spend every day enjoying the holiday, observing historically laid traditions, will be able to enjoy the holiday.

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