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Tatyana's Day: congratulations - beautiful and comic verses, prose. Sms congratulations on Tatiana's Day

In Tatyana's day wishes of happiness and goodAccept fine women and girls, the owner of the name Tatiana. In the endless festive season of January, Tatiana's day stands apart - congratulations on January 25th bring together all the students and all Tatiana. Lovely Tanechka with unique beauty and Russian soul on this winter day hear many kind words, receive cards, gifts and bouquets of flowers.

Beautiful congratulations with Tatiana's Day

The name Tatiana is traditionally Russian. The main merit in the popularization of the name belongs to Alexander Pushkin, who immortalized Tatyana's "dear ideal" in "Eugene Onegin". In translation from Greek Tatiana means "founder", "organizer". Tatiana are wayward, intelligent, persistent, loyal, feminine and charming.

Tatiana my dear!
I wish you happiness I!
On your holiday, kind and cheerful
More laughter, in the affairs of worthy success!

In Tatyana's day, flowers are all for you!
After all, you Tatiana - my beauty!
Such as you are no longer in the world,
And for me it's not a secret.
You admire, you surprise
And you fascinate your beauty!
Good, clean, calm,
Well, just an angel embody!
I can not find another like this!

Tatyana, my darling,
I want to congratulate you
With the cherished day of the calendar,
In which is written not in vain
Native one is yours.
And we will go together
Mark in secret
Tatyana's Day
Under the star waltz.

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SMS congratulations with Tatyana's day, four-line

Tatyana's day is a holiday of love, kindness, fun andEnthusiasm. On January 12 (25 according to the new style), the day of the holy martyr Tatiana in the annals of Russian science acquired a new meaning. Empress Elizabeth signed a decree "On the establishment of two gymnasiums and a university in Moscow." Tatyana's Day is the triumph of youth, fervor, hope. And it is so nice to get warm and sincere SMS from friends in the frosty winter day with the wishes of smiles, happiness, and confessions of love.

May the Lord keep you,
Let the angels do not leave,
And this day gives you
All that you yourself want.

On your Angel Day, I wish you,
To all that you dream of, come true,
So that you live happily, dear,
And everything you do, you did!

I want to tell you, Tatiana,
That you are one - most beautiful.
A lot of luck awaits ahead,
And in life - a true success!

Happy holiday, Tanechka, I congratulate you,
Many, many happiness in life I wish,
So that your house is a mile away,
So that you smile more often today and always!

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Tatyana's Day - Congratulations in Prose

January 25 is the favorite date of student youth andGirls, to whom parents gave this wonderful name. A unique holiday honoring the Roman Great Martyr Tatian and honoring Russian students. Tatyana's names are celebrated once a year, that's why everyone knows this day. Congratulation in prose is a non-trivial way to wish a colleague, beloved, sister or girlfriend luck, love and happiness. Exquisite and touching speech will surely touch the soul of Tatyana's relatives and friends, will please them and will cheer up on this beautiful winter day.

Tatyana's day once again gathers us in this warm hall. Years, months, centuries pass by, but the heart and soul are on a merry day of Saint Tatiana.

Dear Tatyana! Today is your day, it's called Tatyana's day, and I want to congratulate you, let it be fun and interesting for you, in the company of your loved ones, who will also congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! Stay always beautiful and blooming, cheerful and sympathetic and believe, with people like you, the world is getting better!

Tanya! Happy holiday to you, Happy Angel Day! I want to wish you success in your studies and in life, so that everything will work out for you, there was strong health and love. All the best to you!

Today, thousands of Tatians across the country receiveCongratulations from their relatives and friends, but for me there is only one Tanechka - it's you, darling! I congratulate you on the Day of the Angel, I wish that our love never ends, happiness, luck, health!

Funny and funny congratulations with Tatiana's Day

Solemn speeches and serious wishes to hearIt's very pleasant, but Tatyana's day is a cheerful youth festival. A good person always wants to congratulate an unusual and beautiful, so expressing your feelings with jokes and funny congratulations will be quite appropriate.

It is good that you are not Masha, not Polina and not Sveta! Your name is more beautiful, you are better suited, and most importantly, thanks to him, I can congratulate you today! With a holiday, sparkling and zadornogo mood, immense and incredible happiness!

I wish to live and not to grieve,
So that everything was OK and cool,
Good friends cherish
And enjoy every minute!
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