/ / Seychelles on the world map where they are. Seychelles, climate and attractions of the islands

Seychelles on the world map where they are. Seychelles, climate and attractions of the islands

If somewhere in the world there is a place that resemblesParadise, then it certainly is in the Seychelles. Azure waves, snow-white beaches, coconut palms, eternal summer and absolute harmony with the outside world - everything you need for a real holiday! The incredible beauties and sights of the Seychelles and will be discussed in our today's article.

Far from civilization: Seychelles on the world map

With a lost paradise Seychelles compareNot only for the unearthly beauty of the local nature, but also for the location on the world map. The fact is that the Seychelles became known to Europeans relatively recently - in the early sixteenth century. But actually settling and arrangement of the islands began only after almost 100 years, when the archipelago became a colony of France. By the way, the name of the island is due to the then Minister of Finance of France - Moro de Sesel, who carried out a series of economic reforms for the development of the newly-made territory.

Geographically, the Seychelles are in the IndianThe ocean is slightly south of the equator and about 1600 km east of Africa. This remoteness from civilization and the isolation of atolls from each other (in the Seychelles of 115 large and small islands) have led to the preservation of the virgin nature with unique representatives of flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Perfect weather: the climate in the Seychelles

The weather in Seychelles is the most attractive graphFor tourists who want to spend an unforgettable vacation in the land of eternal summer. The average annual air temperature here rarely falls below 24 degrees and almost never rises above 33. Season change occurs imperceptibly: from December to May in Seyshals hotter and more precipitation, and from June to November - more dry and windy. Of these weather characteristics, and should be based on planning a holiday in the Seychelles. For example, fans of diving should definitely visit the archipelago in April-May, and surfers will be able to assess the best waves in October-November. But the wedding or honeymoon in the Seychelles is better to hold in early spring, when the local weather is particularly good.

Attractions of paradise islands

If it says what is worth seeing onSeychelles, it is worth mentioning one important fact. Almost 50% of the entire territory of the archipelago is protected by the state. And this means that the local nature is the main treasure and landmark of the islands. It is not necessary to talk about outstanding historical and cultural monuments: even the capital of the Victoria Islands has only 30,000 inhabitants, and most of its architecture is made up of numerous hotels and hotels.

But for the sake of justice we note that not forCathedrals and museums are sent millions of tourists to the Seychelles archipelago. Most visitors just want to avoid these signs of the civilized world and see the whole charm of the pristine nature. Even the main symbol of the islands was an unusual coconut, which does not grow anywhere else in the world. Walnut or coco de measure is one of the most mysterious palm fruits, the origin of which for a long time remained a mystery to the civilized world. Waves of the ocean often threw out unusual coconuts on the shores of Africa and Asia, where they were considered a miracle cure and were valued more than gold. The big weight (20-40 kg) and the surprising form of a nut in due time put many riddles before scientists. Today anyone can see and even buy coco de-measures in the May Valley on Praslen Island. By the way, Russians do not need a special visa to visit Seychelles.

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