/ / New Year composition with your own hands "Cinnamon and Fir" in school for the contest. How to make a Christmas tree composition by yourself

New Year's composition with your own hands "Cinnamon and Fir" in school for the competition. How to make a Christmas tree composition by yourself

In this master class we will do ourHands a spectacular Christmas composition of fir branches, decorated with cinnamon sticks and glass balls. Our decorative composition is perfect for both the festive decoration of your house, and for the lessons of work in the school or school competition.

New Year's composition by own hands - necessary materials

To make a Christmas tree composition, we will need:
  • Wicker basket,
  • Floristic oasis,
  • sisal,
  • Twigs of thuja,
  • Sprigs of blue spruce,
  • Christmas balls and garlands,
  • Cones,
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Dried buds inflorescence.

Christmas tree decorations for New Year - step by step instructions

  1. In the basket put a floral oasis. In this case, an oasis for dried flowers was used.
    Impregnated with water oasis for dried flowers is notRecommended. If you want your New Year's composition to last longer, use a moistened oasis for fresh flowers. To hold water in an oasis, lay the bottom and walls of the basket with floristic film, or instead of a basket, use ceramic, glass or plastic containers without holes.
  2. Put sisal fibers on an oasis. This is done in order to disguise the floral foam and give the composition an additional volume.
  3. Now take twigs of thuja, prune them with a pruner or sharp scissors and stick around the perimeter of the basket.
    Note: stick branches are not on top, but on the side.
  4. The backdrop of the New Year's composition is designated by two branches of narrow-leaved thuja, thrust perpendicularly to the bottom of the basket.
  5. The next step is to fix the branchesBlue spruce. Since the branches must lie on the sisal, they must be fixed with special fasteners. For this, you can use both green floral, and any other wire in the color of the stems and leaves of spruce. Wire should wrap a twig, and twist the ends, forming a kind of "leg".
  6. Now this leg should be inserted into an oasis.
  7. On the twigs, glue colored silver acrylic cones
  8. Next, decorate the composition with glass and sisal beads, cinnamon sticks and a star baden. The Christmas composition is ready.

How to make a candy-floral decorative composition, read here.

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