/ / Beautiful hat for a girl with long hair

Beautiful hat for a girl with long hair

To create such a summer hat for a child (size 46-48), you will need:

  • 50 g of green YarnArt Begonia cotton yarn (50 g / 169 m);
  • Hook in 3 mm;
  • Nylon regil length of 90 cm;
  • 1 m narrow summer;
  • A decorative element in the form of a flower with a butterfly.

Summer hat for a girl crocheted - a master class


The product must be knitted in circular rows from the crown to the fields.

Bonnet bottom

In order to form a smallA hole sufficient for the hair (3-4 cm in diameter), it is necessary to begin work with a ring of 32 air. Next, each series should begin with 3 air. Etc. for lifting (counting them for 1 item s / n), and finish the connection. Column. The first row should consist of 31 st. With / n. They, together with a column of air. Etc., need to be mentally divided into 8 sectors and then form the bottom according to the scheme.

It is necessary to make 6 rows with additions. The diameter of the bottom should be equal to 13-14 cm.


Then perform 1 transition series with fewer increments. Next, you need to knit with tulle without changing the number of loops, alternating 1 tbsp. S / n and 1 air. The pattern should be in the form of a grid.

Having made 6 rows, it is necessary to associate 3 rows of low st. B / n.

Then the 4th row to perform high st. With 2 / n. Repeat the pattern from the 1st to the 4th row. To complete the formation of the crown of the hat in three rows of Art. B / n.

Fields of children's hats

Wide fields of the summer hat can be decorated with a pattern in the form of sunflower petals. In total, there should be 16. Initially, increases are made in gradually expanding areas from Art. With / n.

Then the petals narrow. In this case, the increments of the loops are executed between them, forming a background grid of the pattern.

The circumference of the fields should be 100 cm.

The edge of the product should be tied art. B / n. To ensure that the cap fields do not hang, when performing the last row, you should use reginal. It must be laid at the bottom of the row from Art. B / n.

Children's Hat Design Crochet

We decorate the summer hat with two rows of satin ribbon. We sew or glue the decoration in the form of a flower with a butterfly or a large bow.

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