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Poems for Christmas: short and long. Poems for Christmas for children. Sms-congratulations on Christmas

After the New Year, we gladly open the doors to another important winter holiday - the Nativity of Christ. This bright day is celebrated by all, without exception: both adults and children.

How to celebrate Christmas

Christians celebrate Christmas throughoutMany years. The teachings of Jesus form the basis of the religion of believers. According to folk customs, the house for Christmas is prepared in advance: decorate the tree, weave a wreath from the fir branches. One of the main symbols of Christmas is a den, which can be bought in a church shop or made with your own hands.

Precedes Christmas Great strict post. On the night of the holiday, when the first star appears in the sky, people sit down at the table, arrange a meal, exchange gifts. Children tell poems about the Nativity of Christ.

A period that lasts from Christmas to EpiphanyIs called the Saints. These days are a continuation of the great holiday. Therefore, in this period of time, you can also give congratulations to dear people and just acquaintances.

Beautiful and touching verses for Christmas

On the bright Christmas holiday it is customary to exchangeCongratulations. If someone in the bustle of the world forgot about the good day, remind him of his soul's wishes. Christmas is a holiday honored by Christians from ancient times. Poems for Christmas are a traditional option to congratulate relatives, friends, and friends, to express their love.

Unfortunately, you can not always congratulate a personMerry Christmas personally. Therefore, on this bright day, you can present congratulations to dear people in short verses on the phone, in the form of text messages or write to an e-mail box and make good sincere words.

We bring to your attention poems for Christmas, which will perfectly suit as sincere congratulations.

The star was lit. Look, it's on.
The harbinger of good!
"Christ was born!", - says.
There is no better magic.
On a frosty and frosty day
You believe - it will come warm!
Will drive away the shadow of doubt
And faith will bring!
Let it be all right
From now on,
And the joy will be great
Smile on your face!

Here and again Christmas -
The power of heavenly celebration:
On this day Christ came,
To save our world from evil.
The glory eternal to Him,
Overcoming darkness.
Congratulations with all your heart
With this joy great!

When the snow covers the ground,
And Christmas will come again,
Goblet for happiness raise,
For peace, for friendship, for love!
And so that without grief and doubt
To live with you many bright days!
To save a cosiness, rest family
And the respect of friends!

Congratulations on Christmas.
Let in your life a miracle happen,
Let joy, inspiration and kindness
Will be able to live in your house.
Let hope, faith, warmth
You in life do not for a moment leave,
Let any dream come true,
I sincerely wish you the best!

On a sacred religious day, celebrated inAll over the world, be sure to congratulate your relatives, relatives and simply dear people, wish peace, happiness, good, prosperity. Some people prefer to give presents on this day. It can be small symbolic souvenirs, gifts made with your own hands or just a greeting card.

Poems for Christmas can also be used forWriting text in prose, congratulatory newspapers, for example for the entire collective or a large family. Also, a poem can be learned and congratulated an honorable person verbally.

More congratulations with Christmas you can find here.

Poems for Christmas for children

Christmas is one of those holidays thatImpatient waiting for children. For over a thousand years, the Orthodox world has solemnly celebrated the day Jesus came to earth. On the day Mary gave birth to a baby in the Cave of Christmas, a star appeared in the sky, and pointed the way to the magi to the sacred place. They brought their kind words and gifts. This was the beginning of the tradition, the essence of which is to congratulate each other on Christmas, wishes for peace, good and happiness.

We love children who are bright and blessed. Christmas night is associated with creaking snow, frost and a Christmas miracle, in which almost everyone believes so. That's why interesting thematic stories, Christmas poems and wishes sound on the eve of the holiday.

All children love, interesting stories about ChristmasChrist's. Tell them a fascinating story about the holiday, learn short children's themed rhymes. It will be both informative and useful. We present to your attention interesting poems for Christmas for children.

Nursery, - so dreamed one child, -
You can glue from color cards,
Make gold paper out of paper
Shepherds with a Christmas star.
Donkey, ox - what a beauty! -
They will stand next to the manger of Christ.
Here they are - in the clothes of the gilded
Three kings from the wonderful eastern countries.
In the desert in the expectation of a miracle
They are driven by obedient camels.
And is Christ the infant? At this hour
He is in everyone's heart!

And the new Century, and New Snow -
The magic bird is a delicate fur.
In the snowflakes froze, children's laughter
Lies at your doorstep.
You will open the door slowly.
And not daring to take a step,
Hand touch, breathing slightly
Dreams, love and faith in God.

Christmas is the time when we are all inWaiting for a miracle, and the soul is filled with something mysterious, festive and joyful. Each of us at this time is trying to become a little better and, most importantly, to be closer to God. Christmas is an excellent occasion to gather the whole family at the table, give gifts, say kind words, congratulations. On this holiday you need not only to become a little kinder, but also to forgive all grievances and disagreements.

No day in the world is more fertile than ChristmasChrist! Here and fly on the eve of the holiday cards, good messages, sincere verses for Christmas with the wishes of peace, good, happiness in every house. Give a sincere congratulation to an dear person, close relatives and just acquaintances! Present a little bit of good and magic in a fabulous night!

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