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When Christmas fasting 2015-2016 begins according to church canons. Christmas calendar, meals a day

Christmas post is introduced in order toBelieving Christians cleansed themselves with prayer and repentance for the holy holiday of Christmas and were able to meet the Son of God with a clean body and soul, to express readiness to follow his teaching, to give his heart. When Christmas Post 2015-2016 begins? The dates are unchanged: it starts on November 27, ends on January 7, and lasts for 40 days.

Calendar of the Christmas fast: menu, meals by day

The rules of abstinence prescribed by the OrthodoxChurch, very strict. Cow's butter, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, on some days - fish should be completely excluded from the daily ration. What do you eat on Christmas Eve?

November 28-December 19:

  • Monday. Boiled vegetable dishes prepared without adding oil on water (rice, vareniki);
  • Tuesday. Wine, fish, vegetable food with the addition of oil;
  • Wednesday. Dryness (honey, nuts, bread);
  • Thursday. Fish, wine, vegetable dishes with butter;
  • Friday. Xerophagy;
  • Saturday. Fish dishes, vegetable food with butter, wine;
  • Sunday. Fish, wine, food of vegetable origin, butter.

20 December-1 January:

  • Monday. Boiled vegetable dishes without oil;
  • Tuesday. Vegetable food, seasoned with lean oil (potato with mushrooms, tomato soup, eggplant caviar);
  • Wednesday. Succubation (raw vegetables, honey, nuts);
  • Thursday. Vegetable dishes with the addition of lean oil;
  • Friday. Xerophagy;
  • Saturday. Wine, fish products, vegetable food with butter;
  • Sunday. Fish dishes, boiled vegetable food, wine.

2 January-6 January:

  • Monday. Xerophagy;
  • Tuesday. Vegetable food without oil (rice, kissel, vareniki);
  • Wednesday. Xerophagy;
  • Thursday. Vegetable dishes without oil;
  • Friday. Xerophagy;
  • Saturday. Cooked vegetable dishes, cooked with the addition of oil;
  • Sunday. Boiled food of vegetable origin, prepared with the addition of oil.

When the Christmas Eve 2015-2016 begins - the church discipline

During the period of fasting (November 28-January 7) exceptAbstinence from food, it is necessary to fast spiritually. Fasting is harmful without spiritual purification. A true fast is associated with repentance, prayer, the eradication of bad deeds, the forgiveness of offenses, the rejection of carnal pleasures. Is it possible to marry a Christmas post? The church in this matter is adamant: the wedding and the wedding festival are not blessed in the fast. Fasting is not an end in itself, but a means to purify oneself of sins and to subdue the flesh, therefore the triumph at this time is completely inappropriate.

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