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A few ideas that will help decorate the room in the New Year.

It seems that if you had a huge house, thenThere it would be possible to wow how to turn around with ornaments, and since you have a one-room apartment or room in the hostel then there's nothing to decorate. This is a mistaken opinion, one room can also be decorated so that, entering it, there will be a feeling of a winter fairy tale.

How to decorate a room for the new year?

And so, the first thing we decorate is the door. On the door you can hang a wreath or a composition of fir branches. Or on the contour of the door to fasten long branches of needles (artificial or of real value does not have) with woven blinking garlands or decorative balls.

Then the window. To the window looked beautiful from the street, you can decorate it with colored lights along the contour or chaotically. If you know the art of drawing, you can draw on the glass New Year's scenery watercolor. If you have not developed with drawing, then you can buy stencils and cans with paint. The procedure is not complicated, but the result will be stunning.

Chandeliers and lamps that are in the roomCan be decorated as follows. The contour of the lamps can be wrapped in tinsel, the bulbs replaced from ordinary to multi-colored. Depending on the design of the lamps, they can hang beads or balls hanging on a long string (it will be more elegant on a piece of rain).

Curtains or blinds. To the bottom you can sew a fluffy tinsel, and on the canvas itself to attach snowflakes or other New Year's attributes. By the way, you can make snowflakes from paper by yourself.

A table or a curbstone. You can make a composition of spruce branches and balls. Excellent will look a composition of candles. In large decorative glasses to pour water, fall asleep multi-colored sea stones, and from above to float candles in tablets. Or put a few candles in the candlesticks, and around to place the decorated cones and decorative New Year figures.

Have you finished? It turned out beautifully?

I'm sure, yes. But something is missing ... oh yes, Christmas trees. You have nowhere to put it? No problem, with such a decor of the room no one will notice her absence. But if you still need the main New Year attribute, you can buy or make a small Christmas tree and put on a table or a cymbal instead of the previously selected composition. To decorate the tree, select only a couple of colors, and follow the chosen color scheme. On the tree you can hang the balls and wrap it with special ribbons. It will be very stylish. On the top of the head wear a small asterisk, flashing garlands do not necessarily, look at the situation, so as not to overload the room.

If you have already finished decorating the room, and chargeEnergy is not over, then I can advise you to cook. Recently, a tradition has come to us from abroad to bake ginger biscuits for New Year holidays. It is carved, as a rule, in the form of little men, but you can show your imagination and do what you like most. After baking, cookies are decorated with edible beads and cream, draw funny lines on them. The cookies are stored for several days, so you can not only eat it, but also hang it as an alternative to New Year's toys, weave it into a composition with spruce branches or simply distribute it to friends that they decorate their table for the New Year.

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