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Movies about Christmas and New Year. The best foreign, domestic films about Christmas

New Year and Christmas can be held in different ways: Go to Europe, to a ski resort, to have a party at home with songs, games, competitions. You can perfectly celebrate Christmas in a quiet environment with relatives and friends. And if you complete the evening with a good film, then the holiday will turn out to be truly unforgettable. We bring to your attention the best films about Christmas of domestic and foreign cinema.

Movies about Christmas and New Year, the list of the best films

  1. "Lost Christmas"

    British drama with an unexpected end, whereIntertwined tale and tragedy of life. The most mysterious character Anthony knows how to find other people's losses, but does not know anything about himself. On the conscience of the boy Gus lies the death of his parents, the fateful Christmas at the root has changed his life after the tragedy. The film shows how important some events are, and how one action changes our future, like moving arrows on our life paths, and everything goes differently.

  2. "Princess for Christmas"

    A comedy film in which a young woman,Traveling in Europe with his niece and nephew, falls into the mysterious European castle of his grandfather, the duke, where she is waiting for a fabulous meeting. A good, kind film is perfect for family viewing.

  3. "Grinch - the thief of Christmas"

    A nice fantasy comedy with Jim Carrey aboutA green creature from a fairytale city. He was not loved, so he became a hermit. Grinch decided to take revenge on the inhabitants of the city, stealing all the Christmas gifts and even the Christmas tree from the square. But there was one girl who realized that if you treat Grinch well, then he will become kind.

  4. "Black Christmas" (1974)

    Actions unfold in the mansion of the studentHostel. Everyone is waiting for a holiday and celebration, but suddenly there is a series of mysterious calls with threats of death. And the next morning it is found that one girl was missing.

  5. "Christmas Present"

    A comedy about a constantly busy father, in whose roleArnold Schwarzenegger is removed. After another failure to attend a family event, he promises his son to improve and buy a toy, but as always forgets about it. In order not to look like a deceiver, the race for a gift started on the very last day, but there were many who wanted to buy toys, but less and less.

  6. "The Night Before Christmas" (1913)

    Fantasy comedy. A local witch with a devil flies together on a broomstick, then the devil stole a month and hid it. The drunken Cossacks became entangled in the dark and alternately come to the witch, whom she hides in sacks from each other. The devil also sits in a sack. And at this time the witch's son is trying to get a girl to get married. The film is based on the story of Gogol, this is the first film that preserved the spirit of the original source.

  7. "Surviving Christmas"

    An excellent family film starring Ben Affleck. The hero Drew experiences a painful sense of loneliness on the eve of the family Christmas holiday. He wants to become happy, goes to a country house, where he spent his childhood. It does not stop even that in the house there are already quite different people.

  8. Christmas (2015)

    A cheerful American film about the adventures of threeFriends who have been friends since childhood. According to the established tradition, they went in search of the best party in the city, where they are waiting for mysterious adventures.

  9. "Four Christmas"

    Christmas is a family holiday and meet itStands in the family circle. The couple in love will have time to visit two families in one night, but when the parents divorce them become four. Will the heroes cope with this difficult task?

  10. "What else do men say?"

    The national film of 2011 release. Heroes, and as always four of them, on the eve of the New Year raise important topics on women's themes. Despite all the adversities that have happened to them before, they can not miss the opportunity to talk about important things on a big holiday.

Regardless of which ribbons you like, withLindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie or Keanu Reeves, and movies about Christmas - an excellent addition to the holiday. And now we will list the New Year's films about Santa Claus, which can be viewed on New Year's Eve, Christmas:

  • Santa Claus;
  • Bad Santa;
  • Santa Claus vacation;
  • New Year's adventures of Masha and Viti;
  • Elf;
  • Santa for sale.

Christmas is the expectation of a miracle and joy, and Christmas movies will help to penetrate the magical atmosphere of the holiday, peace and good.

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