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Relaxing back massage for men: how to do it, recommendations and video.

What is useful for relaxing a back massage to a man?

Do not forget that almost any kind of massage (even erotic) carries a lot of benefits. Relaxing is useful for:

  • Rapid recovery of muscles after sports training, relieving tension in muscles and joints;
  • Improve blood circulation and tone;
  • Psychological discharge after work, getting rid of depressions;
  • Partial disposal of salts (with regular procedures);
  • Removing headaches due to better circulation of blood;
  • Improve family relations (and this is important).

Recommendations on how to do the right back massage

Massage is not only a physical effect, but a powerful energy exchange takes place. Therefore, it is important to follow a few simple rules, before you start to bring pleasure to the guy:

  • Friendly attitude. Do not go for a massage, if you are something annoyed or unhappy. Your mood will be passed on to the partner and he will not receive the pleasure exactly;
  • During the process, imagine something joyous and bright. Positive mood is an important part of a relaxing back massage;
  • As soon as you put your hands on the body of a man, do not remove them until the very end;
  • Movements should not be jerky or harsh. Try to do everything smoothly and gently;
  • Classical or other relaxing music is just right;
  • Take the time to purchase essential oils in advance. They are not too expensive, but the smell and effect of them will not be transmitted.

Movement with a relaxing massage: technique of performance

There are several options for movement, which are used by professionals. They are quite simple:

  • Easy stroking of the body, superficial. Slowly rub the skin along the spine and sides. No effort to apply is not necessary, it is not necessary to hurry, but too slow to carry out the movement is not recommended. They are called, first of all, to improve blood circulation. It is enough 5-7 minutes;
  • Rinsing with the ribs of the palms. It is considered a deeper variant of stroking and is performed diagonally across the back, between the shoulder blades and the spine. Apply such movement first to the left side (rubbing from side to spine), then to the right;
  • Pointed. It is necessary to press lightly from the coccyx to the neck with fingertips to the skin with rapid circular motions;
  • Work the muscles along the vertebra, applying a little force with your thumb. Movements should be carried out from the waist and moving to the neck.

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Give your spouse or boy nothingA comparable pleasure of a relaxing massage, which will not only be pleasant, but also useful both for your personal relationships and for the health of the man.

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