/ / Summer holidays-2015. From what date do summer holidays start in school in 2015?

Summer holidays-2015. From what date do summer holidays start in school in 2015?


Summer vacation-2016 in school: from what date?
When the summer holidays begin in 2016 for students
What should I do during the summer holidays?

Summer vacation 2015 at school: from what date?

Vacation in schools, secondary schoolsVocational education, as well as in universities, as a rule, are approved individually by the leadership of the institution. But usually they only rarely differ from the schedule proposed by the higher authority.

Based on the recommendations of the Department of Education,Summer vacations in 2015 should last at least 8 weeks and depend on the educational process of an individual institution. As a rule, in Russia, summer holidays for schoolchildren last from 91 to 99 days, depending on the class.

Summer school holidays

School summer vacations in 2015 will beginOfficially since June 1. But since this weekend will be overflowed, it can be considered the beginning of May 30 (Saturday). For pupils of elementary grades, the date of the beginning of the summer vacation can be shifted a week earlier by the decision of the administration of the institution.

It should be borne in mind that many schoolchildrenMiddle and senior classes after the last call will have to pass the training practice, and high school students are waiting for the exams. Relative next academic year, it will begin with a solemn ruler on Tuesday, September 1, 2015. That is, the summer holidays will last until August 31 inclusive.

When the summer vacation begins in 2015 for students

In 2015, summer vacations for university students andInstitutions of secondary vocational education, as in previous years, will begin individually, depending on the educational process. For students in the "vysha" holiday in summer should be at least 35 days, based on the approved schedule. For those who study in colleges, lyceums, colleges, technical schools, the duration of the summer vacation should be at least 6 weeks.

What should I do during the summer holidays?

Vacations are a time when you can do anything or absolutely nothing. But I would like to remind you that during this period it would be excellent to pull up all its defects in terms of study and self-development:

  • Repeat and secure the material covered in the last academic year;
  • Fill in the gaps in memory;
  • Prepare for the exams.

If you are a graduate student, you can test your knowledge. Today there are trial online versions of the USE. To restore knowledge, you can also use the tests of the school program.

Parents of schoolchildren should think about,To give his child to one of the children's camps for the summer holidays of 2015, the changes in which open immediately with the beginning of the summer. There they are waiting for an interesting vacation, health promotion, the opportunity to plunge into the world of games, entertainment and communication with peers.

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