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How to feel the Christmas spirit in Europe and meet the holidays at home?

It so happened that Christmas for ourCompatriots for the most part a religious holiday - and he is noted modestly, without special pomp, most often in the family circle, with a mandatory visit to the church. Perhaps this is due to the fact that first we celebrate the New Year, and we are so tired of the fun and let joyous, but still a hassle that by Christmas there is no strength left for anything.

Remember that for Europeans Christmas is a familyA holiday, on this day shops and municipal institutions often do not work, traffic is carried out according to a special schedule. Prices at this time are also higher than usual, so it is reasonable to plan a trip in the first half of December - you will feel the holiday atmosphere, but you will not experience any inconvenience.

Christmas in Europe: where to go?

In Europe and America, where most of the populationRefers to the Catholic faith, Christmas is celebrated a week before the New Year - December 25, and much more attention is paid to it. Cities are transformed, festive atmosphere reigns everywhere - garlands, smart Christmas trees, ubiquitous Santa Clauses and their faithful deer - all this makes an incredible impression! And to prepare for the holiday Catholics begin in advance - so that you have a chance to see everything with your own eyes, even if you can not get to the city in the midst of events. Spontaneous travel to another country on vacation has become commonplace - you can plan a trip without leaving your house, buy tickets and book a suitable hotel, for example, on Hotellook.ru.

Nuremberg, Germany

A real adventure may be a trip toNuremberg - this German city is deservedly considered the European Christmas capital. It is there that you can meet the heroes of the biblical stories - the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary, imbued with the spirit of the fairy tale, writing a letter and sharing your dreams that will come true - the magic mail works without interruption. The famous Christmas market in Nuremberg opens on December 1 and lasts until Christmas Eve itself, and therefore, having visited it, you can still see a lot of interesting things!

Prague, Czech Republic

Choosing where to go to get imbuedChristmas atmosphere, you can not ignore Prague - this city always attracts tourists, thanks to its architecture, traditions and customs. If there is an opportunity to visit this city on Christmas Day or before it - it should not be missed. As in any other European city, you can visit a lot of Christmas fairs, taste baked carp - a favorite Czech food during this period, admire the main spruce of the capital, which, by the way, is lit on December 1.

Paris, France

In Paris, a city so beloved by romantics,Preparations for the Christmas holidays will begin as early as the end of November. Really, having got to Paris in December, you can not think of anything, except for a fast approaching holiday - everyone is absorbed in gay turmoil and think, probably, only about gifts. On the Place de la Concorde, the main spruce is established, 35 meters high, and various festive events will be held there. An interesting Parisian tradition is to play puppet shows in showcases that will impress not only children but also adults. In addition, every winter the whole city is flooded with ice rinks - the one before the mayor's office, of course, the most famous. The atmosphere that reigns there on Christmas Eve is simply inexpressible!

London, Great Britain

London - one of the most interesting and beautifulThe capitals of the world, and the way Christmas is celebrated here confirms this. Prepare for it begin as beforehand - the last week of November is already filled with festive troubles. According to many, it is London streets that decorate the holiday in the most amazing way - in the center of the city almost every street has its own unique style. In the famous Hyde Park, there are Christmas fairs, attractions, skating rinks - all for the pleasure of citizens and tourists! There you can ride on the Ferris wheel and see the festive London from a height of 60 meters - an unforgettable sight! At Hotellook.ru you can now book a room in the most famous hotel in London - The Savoy.

Brussels, Belgium

Speaking of European Christmas, always markThe capital of Belgium, Brussels. This city is amazing, even if for the first time you get here in the unfriendly and rainy weather. To decorate their city the people of Brussels love and know how - especially worth noting is the Grand Place, where the fairs and the main part of the celebrations are held. There is also the famous Town Hall and the statue of the Archangel Michael - they are illuminated by a stunning illumination that turns the square literally into a picture from a Christmas card.

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