/ / Rest in June 2015: prices. What kind of vacation to choose in June-2015: in Turkey, Egypt, Abkhazia, Spain?

Rest in June 2015: prices. What kind of vacation to choose in June 2015: in Turkey, Egypt, Abkhazia, Spain?


Rest in June 2016: where to go?
June-2016: holidays and weekends on the calendar
Places to relax in Russia in June

June-2016: holidays and weekends on the calendar

How to have a rest in June 2016 in Russia

Based on the data of the working calendar, in June 2015Year of Russians waiting for 9 days off and holidays. In addition to Saturdays and Sundays, the weekend will also be Friday 12 June. On this day in our country is celebrated a national holiday, called the Day of Russia or the Day of adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation, as it was called before 2002. The people also know this holiday as Independence Day. Therefore, the weekend will be from June 12 to June 14, and Thursday June 11 will be a pre-holiday day, the working time of which, according to Art. 95 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, is reduced by one hour.

What days we rest in June 2016

In addition, in Russia in the first summer monthThe following dates are marked: Children's Day (June 1), World Environment Day (5.06.), Pushkin Days (6.06.), Day of Remembrance and Sorrow due to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (22.06.), Youth Day (27.06. ) and others.

Rest in June 2016: where to go?

June gives a start not only to the season of holidays, but alsoBeach rest. While the holiday season has not yet gained momentum, and the prices in most hotels have not reached the maximum values, you can choose excellent overseas tours "all inclusive" at an affordable cost.

Excellent weather conditions and qualityService for democratic prices will offer you Turkey. Even more attractive in terms of price policy will be Egypt, but be prepared to meet there with this summer heat. Tunisia attracts in June, not only the admirers of beach holidays, but also those wishing to improve with thalassotherapy - treatment of fresh sea mud.

What to bring to Turkey in June 2016

A magnificent holiday in June 2015 is waiting for youAlso in the south of Europe - in Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia, where sunbathing and swimming in the sea can be combined with familiarity with local attractions. Lovers of exoticism will not leave indifferent islands of the Mediterranean Sea - Ibiza, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Mallorca, Crete, Sicily.

Not far behind in popularity and northern Europe. Excursions to Denmark, Norway, Sweden will not leave anyone indifferent. You can choose for the tour and Germany, Czech Republic or Denmark, but it should be borne in mind that there at this time is already quite hot. Those who like fishing and rest in the woods will appreciate the trip to Finland.

Long-distance resorts are not very suitable for a holiday in June, as most of them at this time rainy and windy weather. Exception can be unless Madagascar, Bali or Mauritius.

Regarding the prices for "all inclusive" vouchers in June2015, they fluctuate from 20 to 50 thousand rubles for one place. And although there is still plenty of time until June, it's better to look around the tour in advance to choose the best rooms and take advantage of the discounts that the hotels offer in case of early booking.

Places to relax in Russia in June

In the vastness of our vast country there is alsoA lot of great places that are worth choosing for recreation and travel in June 2015. A tour of the sights of Moscow or St. Petersburg will leave indelible impressions to lovers of palaces, museums, various historical sites and architectural masterpieces, monasteries, exhibitions and theaters.

Also popular are tours of the Great Golden Ring of Russia, along the Volga, Karelia, Seliger, Lake Baikal and others.

If you are lucky, and in June you do not just rest on the weekends, but you got a long-awaited vacation, you can buy a ticket to health resorts and sanatoriums near Moscow, the Krasnodar Territory or the Gulf of Finland.

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