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Vacation in the spring - where to go? Leave in March, April, May - where better to go on vacation?

Where to go on holiday in March

March is a great time to get acquainted with an old Europe, and also to relax on an exotic oceanfront. And what do you prefer?

  1. Italy. Although the carnival in Venice is a month earlier, yet March is a great time to visit the many-sided and temperamental Italy. There are no more colds, the stream of shopaholics in Milan is thinning, and the south of Appenin is more hospitable than ever and welcoming to the guests. The biggest advantage of the March trip to the homeland of Michelangelo and Dante is a small number of tourists, pleasant prices in hotels and lack of queues for the most famous Italian sights.

  2. France. Lovers of unusual traditions are happy to choose in March - a vacation in France. Namely - in Nice. Indeed, it is in the first month of spring that a grand festive procession takes place here - the famous carnival in Nice. And although the sea is still cool, many tourists do not care. After all, the main thing is to immerse yourself in the bright color of the "city-holiday".

  3. Goa. The southern state of India, Goa, still continues to receive tourists from all over the world in March. And let the weather in the resort become hotter in March, but the flow of tourists is considerably shorter. So, you can have a good rest with the whole family on the shore of the majestic and such an attractive Indian Ocean.

  4. Egypt. Another great option for lovers of exotic relaxation and warm sea - rest on the Egyptian coast. Temperatures of air at this time - the most comfortable for rest, there is no crazy heat, but not cold at all. Yes, and a suitable hotel can be found without difficulty. Moreover, most of them work on a convenient all-inclusive system.

Where to go on vacation in April

  1. Thailand. The rainy season, which occurs in the spring, scares away many tourists, and so the hotels at this time become unusually quiet and half-empty. However, those who like to save on vacation, but can not deny themselves a trip to the exotic coast of Southeast Asia, are happy to choose a vacation in April in Thailand. After all, prices at this time here sharply go down, ocean water - a comfortable temperature, and unbearable heat is not. Although, it should be noted, humidity at this time, is quite high.

  2. Spain. The legendary island of Tenerife is unusually good for holidays in April. In particular, for tourists, that do not tolerate the heat. And although the ocean waters are still not warm enough with the tender spring sun, do not confine yourself to beach rest. Taste the wonderful local wines, taste real paella and learn to dance flamenco - the main dance of the burning Spanish beauties and beauties.

  3. Greece. The fabulous beauty of Santorini and the mythical Crete, tourist Cyprus and ancient Athens. Greece in April is beautiful! A comfortable, mild maritime climate, not yet overcrowded hotels and easy access to ancient shrines and sights.

Where to go on holiday in May

The beginning of May is the time of the long-awaited May holidays. So, many people will seriously think about where to spend the first May days with pleasure and with advantage.

  1. Czech Republic. The Czech capital Prague impresses with its extraordinary beauty and centuries-old history. In addition, Prague is so close ... To see its legendary sights, to taste the famous Czech beer and immerse yourself in the mysterious labyrinths of ancient streets - is not this the best holiday for fans of the May holiday?

  2. Turkey. Leave in May in Turkey is a hundred percent guarantee that you will have time to get tanned, how to have fun on numerous tourist attractions and have a great rest on the Mediterranean coast. Temperatures here in May are the most comfortable for those who can not stand the heat. And the tourist season is not yet in full swing. Traditionally, the prices for accommodation in Turkish hotels are also encouraging. So, if you have not decided yet where to go on vacation cheaply in May - pay attention to Turkey, rich in traditions and entertainments.

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