/ How to dance in a club girl? Simple tips that will help you learn how to dance beautifully in a girl's club.

How to dance in a club girl? Simple tips that will help you learn how to dance beautifully in a girl's club.

Modern dance styles are many, butBefore you copy the movements that you liked from this or that video clip, you should work on your plasticity and grace. For this, it is not necessary to attend classes of choreography, it is enough to devote a little time to studying at home.

How to learn to dance at home?

Before embarking on training, objectivelyEvaluate your abilities. To do this, turn on the music, stand in front of the mirror and dance. Try to make different movements: raise your hands, move your hips, shoulders. If something turns out badly, then you need to work.

During this "spontaneous" dance try to feel your body as a whole and each part separately. Feel separately arm, leg, waist, whole body.

Remember, more sweeping movements transmit energy, but if you make them smoother, you will be able to convey all of your tenderness and serenity.

In the process of teaching dances, the main thing is practice. So do not limit yourself to going to the club. If at first hesitate to dance, be an observer. Look at how other girls dance, divide these movements into beautiful and unsuccessful ones. When you come home, try to repeat what you liked best. Train and bring these movements to perfection.

How can I dance in a club?

If you think that you have trained enough at home, it's time to go to the dance floor. We will give you some tips that will help you quickly learn and conquer everyone with your sense of smell.

  1. Do not strain and do not be shy. The best movements are laid-back. Do not think about every "na", try to make them simple and easy. Do not move too sweepingly, because you are dancing for pleasure, and not burning the maximum number of calories.

  2. Do not try to stand on the bridge or bend too actively. It is ugly and in many cases looks vulgar and clumsy.
  3. Improvise, the more club music allows you to do it. Feel the playing composition and create an organic dance that seamlessly changes from one style to another.
  4. There should be sensuality and organization in your dance. Do not forget that dancing is your character, but do not overdo it.
  5. Most often, in clubs they dance, shifting from foot to foot and shaking their hips. You, too, can make these movements basic, to which you will "layer" others, more original ones.

The main thing to remember is that dance is lightness and positive emotions, so do not complicate, just enjoy the moment, and skill will come with time.

How to learn to dance - video

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