/ Business class on the plane. How to change into a business class on an airplane without surcharges

Business class in an airplane. How to change into a business class on a plane without surcharges

Little tricks

We are all people and we all have our weaknesses. Flight attendants and other crew members are no exception. As a survey conducted by Aviasales among 1000 domestic and foreign airline employees, 78% of respondents are ready to meet the passenger and transfer it to the business class. Among the most likely reasons for the upgrade, employees called:

  • Availability of a loyalty card
  • Courtesy and courtesy of the passenger
  • Discontent with services and scandalous behavior
  • Disease and ill health
  • Pregnancy or a small child

Thus, about 71% of airline employees are readyTransplant in the business class of a passenger who has a silver or gold card of a regular customer of the carrier. Large companies are very attentive to their regular passengers and, in the presence of vacant seats, will be happy to give them flight in more comfortable conditions.</ P>

In second place, oddly enough, it sounds -Usual politeness. About 14% of respondents say that they are ready to satisfy a respectful request for an upgrade. At the same time, as another poll showed, the chances of transferring to a business class are much higher for single men of 30-40 years, presentable appearance and with good manners. What can I say, flight attendants also sometimes find it difficult to resist the men's charms.

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Approximately 3% of employees expressed their readinessTransplant into the business class scandalous passengers, unsatisfied with the level of service. Quite a doubtful, but still effective way to upgrade. Should you resort to it - decide for yourself. And only 1% of the interviewed employees are ready to take pity on sick passengers or travelers with small children.

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Risk is noble business!

The methods that we talked about can beUse directly in flight, but the chance to get an upgrade is before landing on the plane. The chance is rather risky, but, as the practice of experienced travelers shows, it is very effective. To fly free of business class, you need to arrive for registration just before the flight. The fact is that many airlines sell more tickets than there are seats in the economy class. Thus, they are safe, because often passengers are late for a flight or completely refuse to fly. Of course, having arrived for registration just before the flight, you are in great danger of being late for your flight, but at the same time you get a real chance for a free upgrade. Most likely, all seats in the economy class will be already occupied by the time of your arrival, and you will be kindly invited to take a seat in the business class.

We hope that our tips will help you to travel the world economically and comfortably. And remember that the cheapest and most profitable airline tickets of any class can always be found on Aviasales!

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