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Tourist services exclusively for women

Snowpark in the USA
He is in the resort of Brighton in Utah. Located in the upper area of ​​the lift, equipped with small modules, which correspond to the level of debutants. First, girls get the initial skills of skiing, make their first steps in the snow park. After all, they do not really want to look clumsy before young people. Then they go to the general snowpark. This explains the decision to allocate a special zone for training freestyle girls.

Hotel in Denmark

In one of the Copenhagen hotels in 2011have allocated a whole floor for women travelers. To get into it can only be a beautiful lady without the accompaniment of a man. This is closely monitored by the security service of this hotel. On the floor, called "Bella Donna", there are twenty rooms. They are well manned. There is a powerful hairdryer, a full-length mirror, a backlit mirror, a steam iron, a set of quality cosmetics, a manicure set, hygiene products for women, a razor set with disposable blades and always have fresh beautiful flowers. The room has a hypo-allergenic duvet and chic bed linen of very high quality.

The decision to create special female numbers wasaccepted after the analysis of the study. Some women were questioned. It turned out that the travelers want to be sure that only women lived in the room before them. They also reported that they consider such rooms more hygienic and feel themselves in full safety.

Resort in Austria
In Austria, created a whole spa for women. He is in a small town called Gars am Kamp. The hotel has female rooms that are equipped with all the necessary little things for women and a set of spa treatments. You will be offered fitness classes, medical and cosmetic services and, of course, a healthy diet. The concept of rest for women is based on the results of studies conducted in the field of gender medicine. Several programs have been developed. Ladies can choose any suitable for themselves. This weight reduction, preparation for the beach season, anti-aging, stress management, detox-program and others.

Beach in Italy
On the Adriatic coast in 2007 wascreated a beach exclusively for women. It is located between the towns of Rimini and Riccione among a huge number of clubs. Everyone, approaching the coast, meets a special sign. On it, the silhouette of a man is crossed out by a thick red line. An exception is made for male rescuers working on the beach. Here, all women can afford to be imperfect. They can not be shy of their cellulite or excessive weight, do not use cosmetics. There is not heard loud music, you will not be offered chips or fried squid, which are always on the other Italian beaches. Always only dishes useful for an organism and a female figure.

Taxi in England
Travelers here can use the services"A taxi for women." This is a special taxi service that serves women alone. It was established in London in 2006. There are no male drivers, only women work. They have a good command of self-defense techniques, they can provide medical assistance, they know the basics of psychology. All cars of the service are bright pink, equipped with satellite navigation. It allows you to track the location of the machine at any time.

After numerous incidents of attacks on womenand there was a need to create this service. Now, using the services of this service, women feel safe on the trip. Police statistics reported that at least 10 women became victims of rapists and robbers every month. The drivers just pretended to be taxi drivers.

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