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Fireplace and interior for your home

Where to begin?

Determine which room you want to installfireplace and match the interior of the appropriate fireplace portal. You can buy ready-made gypsum or wood, and you can make a fireplace portal with your own hands.

Burn, burn clear

What will burn in our falshtopke instead ofthe present fire? There are several options. The simplest is to buy large thick candles of different heights and place them in a furnace. If you want the fireplace to heat the room, select the electric fireplace (although it does not give a real fire, but it looks very effective). If you are ready for solid waste for the sake of warmth and comfort - then you can stop the fireplace with biofuel (ethanol). Such a hearth does not need a chimney, while burningbioethanol does not emit an odor.

It shines and heats

More and more popular are fireplaces that work onbiofuel-ethanol (alcohol from corn, soybeans or beets). When burning, only water vapor and carbon dioxide are released in the same amounts as from the three candles. Such kamikins are mobile and built-in. You can choose a hearth in the style of modernized classic French with a woodpile. True, there are biokamines expensive (from 15 to 180 thousand rubles).

Framing the collection

Do you collect vases or figurines? Hide your collection! A great place for her will be a fireplace portal. He will create a composition center for medium-sized decor elements. And under the New Year falshkan can be decorated with garlands, balls and put a number of gifts.

In the apartment as in the country

The portal of such a decorative fireplace you canmake yourself from the old clay pots. Pots more fold one in the other (this will be the side walls of the fireplace). At the bottom of small make holes and put them on a stick, fix it on the side walls, from above put a wide board (on it put small pots upside down). Decorate the portal with artificial plants and moss. Such a decorative fireplace with natural logs in the furnace will create an atmosphere of a country house even in a city apartment!


Walking through the park, look at a few ornate knots for a decorative fireplace. Then the room will be filled with the scent of a natural tree.


It's so nice and cozy to sit in front of the fireplace in the armchair! And it is not necessary to build a fire, you can simply lay the entire furnace in rows of logs.

Fiery Bowl

In the gypsum fireplace portal, place a round bowl(the light cup will effectively look like a light cup). In it, place a large candle. Such a cozy decorative fireplace will look good in the living room or bedroom. On either side of it you can arrange floor vases, and decorate the wall above the fireplace with a decorative sticker reminiscent of a pattern of intertwining branches. A romantic dinner near such a fireplace will leave unforgettable memories.

Light and warm

To create a semblance of real fire in the fireplace, choose candles of different heights and diameters: place high in the middle, and low in the side.

With a mirror

If the walls of the furnace are decorated with a mirror tile or put a mirror inside, it will seem that there are more candles and they shine brighter.

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