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What you need to know when traveling on a bus

Bus tour is the best way to see much, without spending too much. However, going on such a trip, it will not hurt to know some rules.

What to consider when buying a ticket

Armchairs in the concessionaal itself do not have reclining backs, and even sway in the "tail" more.

Near the door in the center of the cabin can be a draft, although it is there is a coffee machine.

There are buses in which passengers are sittingface to face. If you travel with friends or family, this arrangement of armchairs can seem to you successful. However, not all are well tolerated by driving backwards, so it's worth discussing this moment with the accompanying satellites in advance.

What to bring with you

  • Tablets from motion sickness, chewing gum, candy.
  • Drinking water without gas, it can not only quench your thirst, but also refresh your face and hands.
  • Inflatable headrest, plaid and mask for sleeping.
  • Socks, change shoes in the bus - even if you sit, your legs get tired of shoes.
  • Wet and dry wipes and washbasins.
  • A book and a player, a guide.
  • Batteries, adapters for plugs for electrical appliances.
  • A thermos flask is a cover.
  • First-aid kit with analgesic and gastric remedies, antibiotics, eye drops and adhesive plasters.


  • Have money in the currency of the country where you are going to pay at roadside cafes or shops.
  • Before leaving, start a plastic card with the amount you need for expenses, also vvalyut, of course!
  • In the road you can pay for purchases by her, but it's better not to withdraw money from her at ATMs. You can run everywhere, and you may not have time to fix it.
  • Be vigilant, because in many countries,However, like everywhere else, there are pirates. They are not averse to profit from the tourists. Hide money in a safe and trusted place. You can sew a secret pocket on your jacket. Never put money in the back pockets of jeans or trousers.


In order not to starve on the road, stock upHigh-calorie and compact products (chocolate, dried fruits, nuts), boiled water with porridges and drinks, biscuits, cheese. Do not take sausage and other similar products. They quickly deteriorate, and you can get an intestinal disorder or poisoning. In the bus there is no refrigerant, and in the cabin itself it is quite warm.


  • Do not abuse the trip with drinks, since the toilet in the bus is designed for a limited number of visits.
  • Immediately find out the phone number of your guide, hammer it in the phone and make a test call.
  • Check the clock so as not to be late. The difference of a few minutes can be decisive!
  • Do not neglect the possibility during the stops to get off the bus and get warmed up a bit.
  • Remember that you can not use the photo and video equipment on the border.

Give up bus service if you have:

  • chronic diseases
  • varicose veins
  • hypertension
  • Osteochondrosis
  • diabetes
  • tendency to frequent colds.

Adhere to these simple recommendations and your vacation will be memorable and interesting.

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