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Design of curtains for bedroom and hall, photo. Curtains design, fashion trends of 2016

Curtains allow quickly and for relativelyLittle money to refresh the interior. And a well-chosen design of curtains can change the room beyond recognition: add volume, expand the visual space, arrange color accents. But for all its economy and design uniqueness, choosing the right curtains is not so easy. To do this, you need to be aware of the latest fashion trends, have a good taste and know some of the design secrets. We'll talk about all this in our today's article.

Fashionable curtains 2016: current trends

Fashion for curtains, though not as volatile asHigh fashion, but it also has its own trends, which are certainly worth knowing, choosing a new outfit for the room. For example, in 2016 at the peak of popularity, everything is natural and natural. Fashionable curtains are no exception! In the trend, not only natural fabrics, but also natural prints and colors. Among the main materials-favorites: linen, cotton, silk, organza, satin. Especially popular is flax: it is practical, durable and unpretentious in care. Actual will be curtains made of bamboo, as well as combinations of natural and synthetic fabrics.

Uniformity is another major trend in designCurtains this year. Stylists are sure that with the help of only one basic shade you can create the character of the whole room. In the light of this trend, the most popular rule for choosing curtains will be more relevant than ever: the lighter the walls, the brighter and more saturated the design of windows, and vice versa. But this does not mean that in a room with white walls there is no place for snow-white organza tulle. The merging of curtains with the general color scheme of the room is also welcomed by interior stylists.

And one more trend that usesPopularity for designers is not the first season - a single layer. In other words, when designing windows it is fashionable to use or only curtains, or just tulle, but not both.

Fashionable curtains 2016: the current color scheme

Color - this is exactly what determines the characterCurtains, and, hence, the whole room. Now in the stylish trends dominate the simple natural shades. Especially popular are curtains of dark and cold colors: blue, brown, green, gray, nut. In particular, many designers advise choosing the curtains of the blue-green range: they not only fit perfectly into almost any interior, but also help to refresh the room. For example, for a bedroom, calm and soft curtains of olive, mint or emerald color are more suitable. And to make a drawing room or a large hall cozier colors of a sea wave or a shade of a blue sky will help more comfortably.

In addition, the actual color will be white,Which, combined with the ease of the material, creates an effect of weightlessness and helps visually increase space. And white can be not only tulle, but the curtains themselves. The only nuance, the material for white curtains should be light, for example, natural silk or cotton.

Fashionable design of curtains 2016: stylish prints and colors

Although monotony is among the main trends, itQuite peacefully gets along with another fashion trend - curtains with bright and unusual prints. Firstly, crazy 80's are in fashion, and this has completely affected the design of interiors - eclecticism is again in the trend! And along with her popularity is gaining and fashionable colors curtains of the time. Among the most relevant options: large flowers, a strip of different thicknesses, geometric patterns, futuristic prints.

Secondly, the theme of nature is also relevant. And this means that all the same flowers, various plants, imitations under the skin and fur, birds and animals, and even photo printing with landscapes - the most coveted prints on trendy curtains.

And thirdly, the current design of curtains 2016Differs ornamentality. This means that fashion curtains do not have to perform their direct function - protection from direct sunlight and protection from prying eyes, but rather to ask a stylistic solution to the room. Very popular are curtains with prints that repeat the pattern on the upholstery of furniture or patterns on the wallpaper.

Actual styles of fashionable curtains

If we talk about styles, then among the main trends- three-dimensional curtains. Numerous folds, ruffles and layers from different tissues help to make the room more visually. Just remember that such curtains should be made exclusively of light materials and in a light color scheme. Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite.

Together with voluminous curtains, popularWill remain Roman and Japanese curtains. The first are wide fabric strips, which are folded by means of a special mechanism. Their length is adjustable and depends entirely on your preferences. Roman blinds will be an excellent option for a minimalist living room or bedroom. Japanese curtains are fabric panels that move along a window like doors in a wardrobe. This option is suitable for the office, living room and even children's room - Japanese curtains pass light well, making it softer.

Curtains on the eyelets are also among the trends this year. They will perfectly fit into the modern interior of a city apartment or a country house. Especially relevant are flat coats that go down from the ceiling to the floor.

On a note! To achieve this effect and visually increase the height of the room, use the cornices mounted on the ceiling.

By the way, about high ceilings. In the trend, light tulle on the "invisible" profile cornices. Air, flowing tulle can be replaced and curtains-muslin - synthetic threads, closely adjacent to each other. Actual will be monophonic yarns, and colorful versions, decorated with rhinestones, beads of different diameters and pebbles.

Curtains with svagami and lambrequins less often, butAre found this season. Most often they are used in the design of large rooms in the classical style. A distinctive feature of such curtains can be called the use of the same color and material for curtains and lambrequins.

How to choose the right curtains?

We offer you some tips to help you choose the right curtains for your room.

First, decide on the general style of the room:

  • Curtains with eyelets suitable for a room in the style of minimalism, modern, high-tech
  • Heavy curtains with lambrequins - ideal for Empire and Baroque
  • Standard curtains and tulle look good with country style and eclecticism
  • Curtains with fabric sticks and floral motifs perfectly complement the room in the style of Provence
  • Curtains-muslin - a choice for bold and extraordinary stylistic solutions. Look great in aristocratic design
  • Roman curtains are good for minimalism and modern style

Be sure to consider the size of the window itself, itsLocation in the room. For example, for small windows, dark narrow curtains are contraindicated - they visually reduce windows. If you really want a dark color scheme, then use Roman or Japanese curtains, which look harmonious and in small windows. High windows and glass walls are better to decorate with curtains with curtains and draperies. In addition, for these windows fit and lambrequins. If two or more windows are located on one wall, it is better to use single-color curtains on the eyelets.

It is also important to consider the color scheme of the room. We have already mentioned the rule of contrast: the brighter the walls, the simpler the design of curtains. But in some cases it is allowed to use one shade for decorating the walls and decorating the windows. For example, this option works well with white color and some dark shades: purple, chocolate, gray. The main thing is that the colors of dark wallpaper and curtains differ a little from each other literally by 1-2 tones. Then the room will not look "flat" and boring. If the curtains and walls of different shades, the curtains must necessarily correspond with furniture or decor elements. It can be anything: a pattern, like on the drapery of furniture, one material with lamp shades, the same color with cushions or a coverlet.

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