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How to make a Christmas wreath

If you are tired of old toys and want to decorateHouse somehow in a new, original way, then you can make a Christmas wreath yourself. There is nothing complicated. It takes a little time and desire. We will not wait for miracles, we better make them with our hands.

Let the holiday begin right from the threshold. To do this, we will buy, or even better, make a Christmas tree at the front door. The degree of good mood and joyful anticipation will rise at once. This cute tradition has existed since ancient times, when it was believed that the good forces will certainly notice the wreath and enter the house, and the evil ones will get scared by the side. The wreath can be made entirely from Christmas balls, looks bright and stylish. But the classic variation of colors will never go out of fashion.

Christmas wreath - a beautiful decoration and onAs a basis, you can use a floral sponge ("oasis"), like in flower baskets, or foam, or even a foam. Preliminary impregnated with water, from a non-gonado form a base in the form of a circle and fasten the pieces with wire.After this, decorate with twigs of pine or spruce, Ribbons, Christmas balls, bells. According to the European tradition, four tall beans are added to the Christmas wreath, which are alternately lit on each of the four Sundays of Advent (Christmas Lent), between which 6 small can be inserted And spark them one by one on the other days of the week.It was invented such a wreath in 1839 by Johann Hinrich Wihern, a Lutheran theologian who took up a number of poor children, and they always asked when Christmas would come and he made a wreath with candles for them The Christmas wreath with four candles is associated with the earth's throat and the sides of the world, the circle symbolizes eternal life, green is the color of life, and the candles are the light that the world is filling with Christmas.

There are a lot of ideas of decorating the house for the New Year. But espresso-ways of interior transformation are especially valuable. We offer a master class.

  1. We will weave a base of thin flexible branches and twigs or we make a framework of wire.
  2. Branches of spruce (or fir) with a length of approximately 10 centimeters of a stiff thread are firmly fixed on the frame in a circle in a lap.
  3. To the Christmas wreath turned out lush, vpletemyvetki first clockwise, then against.
  4. We decorate the wreath with ribbons of ornamental plants: mistletoe, ivy, ilex or holly.
  5. The wreath will look very much, if to twigs attach small Christmas balls in tone.
  6. In the center on the tapes we bind the kvenk several cones.

Here is such a wonderful decoration for the New Year and Christmas! Upcoming holidays!

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