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We decorate the house with beautiful crafts

We'll stick it nicely!

Wooden clothespins are painted with acrylicpaints or pasted with decorative insulating tape (sold in hardware stores) and find a suitable place for their application. For example, we fix them with towels in the kitchen.

Full Growth

The stameter with baby photos will perfectly fit into thethe interior of the children's room. Cut out the plywood "board" of the required size, paint it in white and then draw a scale. Opposite the scale, stick small photos of the growing baby.


Additional handicrafts for these bright boxes are handles, the role of which is made by large beads. On each box, it is desirable to attach the label with the content.

In their places

Puffs-tables, dressed in bright cases, will bring a joyful note to the environment. And if sewing kchehlam pockets, they can store all useful small things.

Instead of frames

Cover with a pebble or a layer of white paint. We put a gouache drawing. When the pebbles dry out, we cover them with a clear varnish. Attach the wire to the stones, turn the top with a spiral and insert the photos.

Home Aquarium

Fill glass containers with water and populatethere are artificial fish. And for them to live beautiful, we add to the aquarium colorful stones - "glass" and decorative algae. And now we sit down before the beauty created by us and relax ...

Brilliant Bookmark

String on lekubusiny of different sizes and attach the resulting "necklaces" to the satin ribbons (ideally, if the color of the beads will correspond with the color of the ribbons). The tabs are ready!

Trifles from chestnut

I'm in the house!

Chestnut is smaller (for the head) and more (for the trunk) we fasten together the toothpicks. The horns are made out of chunks, and the eyes are made of any berries. We put a shell on the trunk of the snail - and go!

A bountiful harvest

The chestnuts collected in the nearest park,we put it into paper bags. To the last we fix (on glue or stapler) maple leaves. We sign the bags and we will separate them as gifts to friends and relatives!

Successful landing

After making holes in the chestnuts, we connect them withusing a wire. To the side holes we attach the wings of the autumn leaves. And to the very bottom of the chestnut, the legs of the stems. Put our autumn Butterfly on a plate ... with a napkin and watch so as not to fly away.

Fabulous Sill

We lay out on the windowsill everything that was grown in the forest and collected in the garden: pumpkins, berries, nuts, etc.The company is supplemented with chestnuts and lit candles. It's just magical!

Flower Fantasies

We arrange a small tray of pots with dahlias, previously cutting off the stems of the same length, and with candles. We scatter around the chestnuts and light candles - a very beautiful composition!

Beauty in the bag

The bottom of the washed and rubbed container is lined with leaves. The neck of the jar is adorned with a venochilm of chestnuts strung on a wire. We put a wide candle inside and light it up.

Slender composition

The bases are lightly lightly burned on fire and put in glasses with chestnuts and seasonal berries. We obtained the resulting candlesticks with woolen threads.

What is not the Northern Deer ?!

The head and trunk are reindeer with a match. We also make our legs out of matches. For the horns we use the appropriate shape of the twig. Eyes are scratched with a knife. So that's what he is, a reindeer.

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