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Aerogril is a reliable assistant in the kitchen

Aerogrill first appeared on the markets of the UnitedStates in the eighties. The device was obtained due to the fact that the food is cooked in it with the help of hot air streams. In addition, it produces good dishes - a grill. Few housewives rush to buy such a household appliance in the kitchen, and because they are new to him.

Naaerogrile can be cooked not only delicious,but also useful food. Thanks to its convenient design, you can cook several dishes at the same time. Potokinagretogo air is heated from the products of excess fat, due to which food becomes less caloric. However, it retains all the beneficial vitamins and substances. The dishes are prepared with hot air, not microwave radiation.


Before buying an aerogrill, you needTo understand what is this device and how it works. Outwardly it is a transparent cylindrical container made of heat-resistant glass, mounted on a special support from plastic. This stand protects the table from contact with the working device. Therefore, during the purchase, be sure to pay attention to the strength of the glass, as well as the strength of the protective stand. The protective stand should not be bent in your hands and all parts must be firmly fastened together. Above, the aerogrill is covered with a lid, the weight of which is approximately 2.5 kg. The lid has such a large weight due to the fact that there is a control panel outside, and from the inside to the lid a fan and a heating element are attached. The lid before buying should also be checked: all parts must be tightly fastened. Before buying, if possible, ask the seller to check the appliance for service.

The heating element in aerogrids can behalogen or TEN. The halogen heater heats the food faster, which means it's better. Fans are distinguished by the number of speeds. In simple aerogrills the fans have one speed, in the more advanced models of these speeds there can be three. The more speeds, the higher the capabilities of the device, and therefore, the more you can prepare dishes.

Inside the aerogrylic there are lattices and trays, onwhich can simultaneously be cooked a few dishes. As a rule, the grid includes a wire protector, a magnifying ring, three gratings, gripping tongs and four skewers. Depending on the manufacturer's firm and the price, the quantity of these items may vary. Also, aerogrills have different volumes.

Advantages of the aerogrill:

  • in it you can cook a variety of dishes;
  • dishes can be cooked without oil;
  • the presence of several levels allows you to cook several dishes at once.

Disadvantages of the aerogrill:

  • The glass case is very hot during operation of the aerogrill, so it is very easy to burn it;
  • the power of the device is relatively large, but the cooking time is long. Therefore, you will not be able to save on electricity.

What can an aerogrill?

Those who still decided to buy this device,they ask themselves the question: "What can be prepared in this miracle design?". Producers assure that in aerogrylimozhno cook almost all dishes - from soup to dessert. Meat products can be dried, smoked, and also from them it is possible to cook ham or shish kebabs. Of course, do not hope that from aerogril you will get exactly the same shish kebabs as the grind, but these will be real fried shish kebabs. The only hiccups will be that they will not smell like smoke.

Smokehouse will also differ frompresent, however in aerogril it is possible to add a preparation for smoking or a shaving which will give a necessary smoke. However, such functions are only for more expensive models. So it's worth determining immediately, but do you want to overpay for something that you might not need? In addition, in this device can boil potatoes, fry fish, make soup or porridge, bake pizza. In addition, even without much effort, you can bake pies, meringue jam and the like. Also, it will help in conservation - in aerogrills you can sterilize the cans.

The device can replace the microwave oven - in itYou can warm up and unfreeze the camber. However, in the microwave this is done much faster. Next, note that not all models are so universal. Not every aerogrill can prepare such a multitude of dishes - the number of functions depends on the price.

The choice of aerogrill should take into account the numberfan speeds. The possibilities of the device depend directly on this. In aerogrills with one speed, you can prepare the simplest dishes: porridge, soup, potatoes, chicken and the like. In three-speed instruments you can prepare meringues, yoghurts, cakes, mulled wine and so on. Also in such a device you can smoke, stew and so on. In the new models, you can choose different temperature modes - up to nine modes. It is also possible to adjust the convection speed and the work indicator. The possibilities of aerogrills are very high. But despite this, many housewives confirm that the patties are better and tastier in the oven than in the aerogrill. Therefore, the aerogrill can not compete with the oven. But it can be boldly used instead of a microwave, a toaster, a steamer, and the like.

Proceeding from the above, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Before buying an aerogrill, you need to decide which features you need-this will directly determine its price;
  • at the time of purchase, it is absolutely necessary to check the serviceability of the device, the quality of all its parts, and the strength of all fixtures;
  • the more speed the fan has, the more dishes you can prepare for the vaerogril;
  • when buying it is better to give preference to aerogril with a halogen heater, as it will warm up food faster, which means you will save time and energy.

As you can see, aerogrill can become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

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