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Interior of a bedroom for a girl

It is very important to make the bedroom cozy andComfortable in all senses. But sometimes this is not so simple. Many girls very often do not understand themselves, what would they like to see their bedroom. On the Internet, you can find many examples of interior design of the bedroom, but not always there is a possibility to embody such designs in reality. Also, there is not always an opportunity to hire a designer, so you have to plan everything yourself. In this article, we will tell you how to plan the design of the bedroom and what style you can choose. Each girl, of course, will find something for herself.

General design rules

The bedroom is the main place to relax. In addition, this is a private space, which is not allowed to outsiders. Basically, the girl's bedroom consists of a wardrobe, a bed and a dressing table. Additional elements can be a chest of drawers, a bedside table, a chair or an ottoman. Very often modern girls combine a bedroom with a study. Therefore, the interior is complemented by a writing desk or a table for needlework.

Of course, psychologists and designers do not advisePlace the workplace in the bedroom, but not always our desires are combined with reality. Very often there is simply no way to separate an entire room for a workplace. In this case, the design of the bedrooms must be planned so that the workplace is as far as possible from the bed, you can fence it off with a partition. If the room is large, then it is possible to put a large closet in it, which will serve as an alternative to the cloak room.

Naughty in the bedroom is a mustBe blinds or curtains that can hide the inner space from prying eyes. In addition, the splash must necessarily be at least two light sources: a night light and a large light. For the design of the bedroom, you can choose different styles. We will describe them below.

Romantic Bedroom

Many girls are romantic natures, so theyPrefer a romantic style. To create such a design is not so much. First of all, light text should be used for interior textiles, walls and furniture. The most popular colors of the romantic style: beige, lilac, blue, peach, pink and salad. The classical theme of the coloring is the floral patterns of the abstraction. In this style, you can use the openwork in any manifestation - starting with a loosened textile, ending with openwork furniture. Twisted and rounded forms are an integral part of such an interior. The oval mirror, the rounded back of the bed, the table-tops of the dressing table - all this will allow to recreate the ideal romantic atmosphere.

There should be an abundance of textiles: Plaids and blankets, napkins, decorative pillows, a canopy above the bed, flowing curtains. In addition, it is necessary to use as many small details as possible: vases, figurines, boxes and other things.

Let's sum up what kind of bedroom should be in the romantic style:

  • Fruit or pastel scale;
  • Flower patterns;
  • Lack of straightness and sharp angles;
  • Laced furniture and lace.

Bedroom in stilettelet

Such a bedroom should be made in the country style. Interior in this style creates a sense of practicality, cheerfulness and lightness. The bedroom in this style is necessary to furnish a practical, multifunctional, large furniture. For example, instead of a bed, you can put a comfortable folding sofa with a drawer that can be used as a chest or you can combine a table with a chest of drawers.

Stylistic color solution for cottageStyle - a combination of juicy and laconic white flowers. But the colors should not be too bright. White color should be predominant, and saturated color should act as a complement. If you hold on to such a combination of colors, then the room will be bright and create the impression of a large space. You can not use dark colors in this style. The furniture should be light or white. Welcome linen cotton, large patterns on curtains, bedspreads and bed linens, as well as panels and large accessories (lamps, cornice, boxes, baskets and the like).

Summarizing the above, the design in the cottage style is:

  • Practical and roomy furniture of light or white color;
  • Bright floor and walls;
  • Textiles in the technique of patchwork sewing;
  • White bed linen with large patterns;
  • Bright color accents;
  • Cotton and linen bedspreads and curtains.

Bedroom glamorous style

Many girls like this style in the interior. Most often in this style, the bedrooms are made by young girls. This bedroom looks very feminine and gentle. When you see such a bedroom, you notice the light colors in the decoration, accessories, have entered. In this style, you need to competently combine relief and texture. But it's very simple, thanks to a huge selection of relief wallpaper and textured stucco.

Glamor is a luxury. Therefore, the design of the interior must necessarily be supplemented with a fur coat, satin or silk. It is best to combine several textures simultaneously. For example, a soft fluffy carpet on the floor, a silk coverlet on the bed or a blanket and silk wallpaper. An obligatory element of glamorous style is furniture, which must be beaten out of the general style, but at the same time it must be light in color and have elegant shapes. You can use furniture made of glass. For example, a dressing table or a closet.

In interior design, you can use andRich colors of boudoir palette: burgundy, dark beige, crimson, gray. Only such colors should be non-dominant, and complementary to the overall color scheme. Various small knickknacks and accessories are not suitable for this style, however you can use flowers (both creative and live). The more colors, the better.

So, the glamorous style includes:

  • Quilted textiles;
  • Contrast boudoir and pastel color scales;
  • Individual pieces of furniture;
  • Live or artificial flowers;
  • A combination of fluffy and smooth textures.

Bedroom in a philosophical style

This style is well-balancedGirls who want to relax after a long working day at home in a cozy atmosphere. To the philosophical style, you can boldly style such styles of interior as Japanese style and minimalism. The main condition for this design is a lot of free space, natural materials in the interior and a calm color scheme. Furniture should be low, comfortable and strict. Decor in the philosophical style is practically absent. This bedroom should be a place for a full rest, and bright colors, extra accessories and bide-buttons will distract attention.

The light of this interior should be soft. Minimal decor and natural materials for furniture and finishes (bamboo, cork, wood). Well takzhenaturalnye fabrics: cotton, linen or wool. On the window, you can hang a curtain of a curtain or a bamboo blind. Harmoniously will look in such intersting flowers: a tree or blooming.

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