/ Where to go on the eve of the New Year 2014?

Where to go on New Year's Eve 2014?

After a little reflection on this issue, weWe offer several good and deliberate options for a New Year's trip. Perhaps you like something and you decide on this adventure. So sit down more comfortably ...

Winter? Who needs it, we recover in the summer

Has winter already bothered? So can we go to the warmth? We go there, where the sun, where the warm sea and burning guys! You can go to the travel agency and fly on a hot tour to a nice and warm place. You can come up with a bastard. But you will not make it until the New Year. Usually you need to book in advance. So "hot" tours are the only option.

United Arab Emirates

There is such a hot sun ... Everything is so new, alreadyThe spirit captures. We recommend going to Abu Dhabi. As it's great ... For a rest there is an amusement park with chic attractions and an excellent water park. And if you like driving on excellent cars, then you can go to the museum Ferrari. There you can freely become a racer and ride a bolide. Make a couple of pictures in a chic car.

The hotels usually offer a festive program. So on New Year you can stay at home. Lovers of good fun can mogototravitsya in nightclubs and parties. Each year for tourists come up with new and new entertainment.

If you want to walk in shorts and a T-shirt, but do not hate snow, then we go to Dubai. There is simply a magnificent indoor ski resort for tourists. Just a fairy tale. You have not seen this before.

It is worth remembering! In this country you can not drink alcohol in the streets. You can drink alcohol only in entertainment establishments. For women and men, clothing must be closed.


It's very fun to celebrate the New Year in Thailand. This is an ideal holiday with the whole family. Children will like to celebrate a holiday in this place, because there are a lot of interesting New Year's programs. You will be able to meet clumsy heroes and spend time with them.

At will, you can meet the battle of the chimes at the depth of the sea. For this it is worth diving to the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand. This is Pattaya in the Eastern Province. It is so beautiful there that it is impossible to convey words.


Mexico can surprise any tourist. New Year in this country, if not surprised, so please for sure. Celebrate the New Year on the beach. Which will you choose? On the beach of the Mexican or Californian Gulf, and possibly the Pacific Coast. You are waited with the most original New Year's carnival. You can surf or dive, maybe just go to a beach party. Try the local cuisine, just lick your fingers.

We go to the fairy tale

Are you traveling with your child on a trip? I think that he would like to see something fabulous and incredible on the eve of the New Year. Is not it so? We need a tip with Santa Claus or Santa Claus. We will arrange a fairy-tale holiday.


For many years, the Disneyland of ParisMakes Christmas week. There is so much entertainment that they are suitable for both children and adults. Your children will be able to meet with the real Santa Claus, they will see Christmas deer and even elves in green suits. There will be an opportunity to ride the most interesting attractions, see fairytale heroes and see the performances. You will see amazing festive shows with special effects. You can stay in themed hotels. It is very interesting.


Santa Claus is also called Yolupukki. So go straight to him in Rovaniemi. Here is the only one in the whole Europetropic water park. It is interesting, is not it? Want something exciting?

Let's go for horse, deer or evenDog sledding. Is not it fun? This is true as in a fairy tale. Feel yourself a Snow Maiden and Santa's elf! Be sure to go to the icy hotel. This is a wonderful place. You need to see this with your own eyes.

Great Ustyug

That's the homeland of Father Frost himself. We leave for the Russian city of Veliky Ustyug. The Grandfather Frost's residence is impressive. Here you can meet him and ride from the mountains. There are also historical excursions. Adults offer tasting drinks. A good start to the New Year.

New Year's extreme for adults

Very boring and I want entertainment? Not enough adrenaline? Then the New Year should be sent to a place where you will be given an extreme holiday. Adrenaline will give you joy and diversify life.

Horse Racing

Everyone knows that this year is the Horse. So maybe it's worth to get to know these animals closer? New Year's Eve and on other holidays it costs to go to the country horse and sports club, so that you can provide an interesting program for recreation. There are also boarding houses with a stable, where you can also relax.

At the bases rides are provided with ridinginstructor, excursions, outdoor games, sleigh rides. For the New Year there are good programs for the holidays, which have not left anyone indifferent. There you can meet interesting people. A smart animal can give us a lot of impressions.

Tour of the taiga

New Year in the taiga. Sounds interesting. A good option for extreme holidays. Such tours are suitable for people with a strong psyche. I mean you move out on skis from parking to parking. Eat yourself, but spend the night in the cottages. And around the wild forest ... Well, how about you? Extreme!

Ski resort

Are you a fan of skiing? Or just really want to try skiing? Why not go to the New Year's Eve place. Where it will be possible to sit comfortably near the fireplace ... Although it is us. We need extreme! So we go to Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, France, Austria, etc. You are waiting for adventure.

Do you already know where to go for the New Year? Then hurry, there is not much time left. Take only the most necessary things and have fun. We wish good New Year holidays. Wherever you are, do not celebrate, it will be a magical night.

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