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How to create holiday mood at home

Each of you knows the feeling of incredibleemotional upheaval, accompanying a good vacation. In the mornings you wake up energetic, rested and full of inspiration. Grandiose plans are crowded in your head and seem absolutely realizable: "When I get home, I'll manage a blog," "With my husband we will regularly get out on dates," "And I'll get a raise."

The problem is that behind the door of the nativeapartment you are usually met not by an ocean of possibilities, but by a mountain of non-washed linen and dozens of unresolved household matters. What a big blog, if the boss has already sent three e-mails with the requirement to rewrite the final report. And it starts to get dark early. And now there is no trace of the summer energy ...

To resist autumn and routine is useless, we thinkwe, and with regret we put plans on the back shelf of the cabinet, where frivolous sarafans and straw hats are already waiting for the next summer. However, it is not necessary to do this. The positive attitude, the beneficial effect of which we feel during warm days, is connected not only and not so much with the exotic nature of the environment and the holiday atmosphere, but rather with the right inner feeling that you can recreate at home. These simple and guaranteed fun tips will help you to believe that vacation is a state of mind, and summer dreams can turn into very real autumn achievements!

If you lack creativity, here's what you can do ...
The flow of new impressions is the key to creativity,so any, even a short trip causes us an acute desire to start to make travel notes or to buy an album and make sketches, or to fantasize about the theme of an unusual recipe. Do not let the flow of your creative ideas run out! To inspiration did not leave you in the city, try the following:

Walk a long way
Avoid the familiar trails that lead you toboutique, gym or grocery. Collapse from a well-groomed or drenched road and force yourself to consciously pay attention to the surrounding details. Fix all the interesting things with the help of special applications for the smartphone - shoot photos and videos, slander the short texts. Advertising with ironic overtones, bright rubber boots on someone or even a picturesque mountain of fallen leaves can inspire you to a poem, blog entry or script creation.

Get enough sleep
One of the reasons why you are on vacation isfountain of first-class ideas, is that in the absence of work, the Internet, traffic jams and other troubles, you sleep much more (well, or should at least). During sleep, your brain is busily and deliberately dealing with the information received for the day, sometimes forming very original connections. If we imagine the consciousness of a person in the form of an old-fashioned file cabinet like the library one, then all the leaves and paper cartons will be laid out in perfect order in the wakeful, and the sleeper will be mixed in that coveted creative disorder that generates all the ingenious. If you are stuck in a creative dead end, clearly formulate the task ("I'm looking for a memorable name for my online store!"), And then go to the side. There are chances to wake up with a ready solution to the problem!

If you do not have enough energy and dedication, that's what it's time to do ...

Focus on "here and now"
Rustle of waves, view of the mountains, running clouds - on vacationThe beauty of the surrounding nature sets us on a contemplative harmony and helps to clear the mind of doubts and anxieties. The latest data demonstrate a direct connection between conscious meditation and the activity of the brain regions responsible for the most difficult tasks. You can meditate wherever you like, even walking along the streets-for this every time, dropping your right foot on the sidewalk, mentally say "right", and repeat the same with the left. Do not be distracted by passers-by and puddles. You can even consciously wash dishes. Not allowing the acquired automaticity of movements to transfer you to hell from "here and now." By concentrating on the present, you can disconnect from external stimuli and get rid of unproductive thoughts.

Log off the network
On vacation, we do not want to check the mail everyTen minutes. And in the information vacuum so well rests! For one evening a week, say a decided "no" to everything that has a screen, and devote this time to table games with family, cleaning, creativity. Do not forget to note how much better you will feel in the morning.

Breathe in full
Smells of fresh greens strengthen our ability toconcentration. And floral scents can improve the speed of perception of new information by 17%. Since everything has already blossomed in nature, use the wonders of perfumery: put a couple of drops of flower essences on your wrist and take a deep breath.

Lain for the good of the cause
Shock labor for forty-five minutes withregular 15-minute breaks to "reset" will allow you to maintain a high level of productivity until the evening. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Columbia University. So now you can work and be lazy!

If you do not have enough passion, that's what you need to do ...

Explore the space
Thought: on vacation a huge bed and starched sheets attract us much more than TV, recalling well-forgotten pleasures, among which sleep is listed last ... The secret of the attractiveness of hotel sex is in its novelty, but it can be repeated at home! Ignore the bedroom, explore the possibilities of the bathroom, living room, corridor or hallway. We are winding up the unknown, so try to turn even the most peaceful evening into a real adventure, and reward you will have an unforgettable sex.

Express your feelings
On vacation you always notice (and mark)the skill of your partner, whether it is a gift to navigate in a huge city without a card or the ability to negotiate a discount even with an unpleasant seller. So what prevents you from looking at your loved one in a new home and expressing your admiration to him? Recent studies have established that couples who daily record everything they are thankful for each other feel more united and happier. Therefore, every day you tell your beloved at least three pleasant things, even trivial, for example: "How nice of you to make me tea." You'll see, he will repay you the same.

Let him "steer"
Have a perfect day and let a partnerdecide for himself how he would like to spend it (something like discussing the program for a day at breakfast on vacation). With a willingness to accept any plan, even a daily marathon watching the series about space cowboys or a completely different marathon, which in cinemas would be marked as "18+". This will allow both of you to shake up a little, and your loved one will realize that you appreciate and respect his desires.

Have dinner in bed
Room service is perhaps one of the mostgreat vacation pleasure. However, sometimes it is enough to pretend that you are in a posh hotel, so that the romance of the situation captures you - even if you are at home. Spread freshly-ironed linen, light candles, put flowers in the vase, order food from your favorite restaurant, and you will get a feeling of luxury, like in a five-star hotel ... Bonus: you do not need to give anyone a tip.

Sleep naked
Do you remember your first love well? Most likely, the lucky guy did not even suspect that you have pajamas, since you have never seen her. If you want to take your sex life to a new level, you should get into the habit of sleeping naked. Absence of pajamas on you sends the right signals to the man: the skin's touch to the skin is read unmistakably as a sign of passion and sensuality.
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