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Bathroom design: 50 photo-ideas from leading designers. How to apply for a small bathroom

In search of new ideas, interior designers are increasinglyGo beyond the usual stylistic decisions. And even there, where it would seem that nothing new can come up because of the specifics of the premises, they manage to make fresh ideas and completely overturn the outdated concepts. Such, for example, as the idea that a bathroom can not be part of a dwelling or that there is no room for woodwork. So, all those who have bathroom design associated exclusively with tiles and ceramics, we recommend reading this article about the latest fashion trends in the design of bathrooms. We are sure, it will turn your idea about the design of this room.

Fashionable materials for finishing the bathroom

Let's start with a review of general trends in bathroom design,Which can be traced in different stylistic directions. This is primarily about the prevalence of natural materials in the design. Among the undisputed favorites this year, it is worth noting the tree and natural stone. Yes, it did not seem to you, it was the tree thanks to the latest processing technologies, which significantly increased its moisture resistance, became the leader among the materials for decorating the bathroom. There are several explanations for this design decision. First, the tree is associated with natural purity and naturalness, and, therefore, contributes to relaxation. Secondly, for a long time the use of wooden materials for bathrooms was impossible because of their limited technical characteristics. Now this material is able to withstand high humidity and designers are struggling to take advantage of this new opportunity. And, thirdly, in the trend of natural patterns, in particular, the cut of a tree.

As for the use of stone in the design of the bathroomRoom, this material can not be better in the extreme conditions of this room: it tolerates high humidity, does not fear a sharp temperature drop, it is easy to clean and practically does not wear out. In addition, it falls under the fashion trend of naturalness, so it is especially appreciated among designers in recent times. In addition, the use of monolithic stone panels significantly facilitates the work on facing the walls, which, naturally, increases their popularity. The stone is also suitable for floor finishing, which, in combination with stone walls, allows creating such a fashionable now effect of the integrity of the room.

Also among the popular unusual materials forBathrooms can be called laminate and parquet. It is with their help that today designers advise to decorate the floors in the bathroom. Of course, we are talking about specially processed parquet boards, which are able to withstand a constant high humidity. Such floors look good, both with stone and wooden walls, and with more usual for us a tile and plaster.

Also this year, designers for finishing in the bathroomRecommend the use of special monolithic stone and wood panels. As a rule, these are rather large sheets of material, which makes it possible to significantly speed up the repair process. In addition, they are universal, therefore suitable for both walls and floor.

The ceramic tiles become larger and wider. Designers are sure that the fewer joints between individual tiles, the more interesting is the final design of the bathroom - in the trend, the fusion of walls and floor, as well as the absence of borders and notable transitions. For the same reason, topical floors and stretch ceilings remain actual.

Wallpaper also took its rightful place amongFinishing materials for the bathroom. The biggest resistance to moisture and strength are glass walls, the technology of which implies the use of fiberglass. But despite the use of this material, such wallpaper does not look heavy, but the room itself remains spacious.

Textured plaster is also among the favorites forBathroom, but its designers recommend combining with other finishing materials. For example, interesting options can be obtained by combining plaster and tiles. An excellent combination of textures will be obtained when using a combination of plaster plus mosaics. By the way, the mosaic is also in the trend. Moreover, ready-made mosaic slabs of large dimensions are used, which is best reflected in the speed of finishing works.

As for plasterboard and plastic panels for wall cladding in the bathroom, they gradually go out of fashion, giving way to more natural and durable materials.

Fashionable styles in the design of the bathroom

Whether the designers fell under the influence of anotherOf the global economic crisis, or just tired of pretentiousness and deliberate luxury, but the fact remains - bathrooms this year have become more modest and more ascetic. Among the actual styles for bathtubs are no longer a showy Empire style or bright oriental chic. At the peak of popularity, much more prosaic solutions - minimalism and high-tech. In the trend, the underlined modesty: simple geometric shapes, natural materials, lightweight profile structures and exceptionally functional furniture and plumbing. All interior items of such a fashionable bathroom must necessarily be linked together by one idea. This can be a general color scheme or a single material for walls and furniture.

Among the popular style solutions, you can stillNote eco-style, retro and provence. They also emphasize the simplicity and functionality of the bathroom, but, most importantly, allow to embody the most fashionable trend - the association of the bathroom with the residential part of the house. Such an extraordinary solution is possible only if the designs of the bathroom and the rest of the rooms are completely identical. In other words, designers offer to combine the bathroom, for example, with a bedroom or even a living room, if these rooms are made in one style solution. The idea, frankly speaking, is quite bold and not everyone is able to "flaunt" such a private space as a bathroom. But on the other hand, I remember a similar shock, and many experienced when the combined kitchens and living rooms. Today, the same studio apartment is not surprising. Who knows, perhaps, and the merger of the bathroom with the kitchen will soon become more than an ordinary design move.

The most fashionable color solutions and prints in the design of the bathroom

If you dwell on the fashionable colorA palette for a bathroom, then special attention should be paid to three shades: white, gray and beige. These three colors can be called the main colors for this year's bathroom. Why this "inexpressive" gamut was chosen by designers? It's simple. Each of these shades corresponds to the main fashion trends - naturalness and simplicity. In addition, they perfectly match with each other, which significantly expands the design possibilities in the design of the bathroom.

White color

White - the classic color in the design of the bathroomRoom. He embodies purity and serenity, fills the room with freshness and expands visually a small space. Decorated in white, the bathroom helps to relax and restore, relieve stress. In such a room you are cleansed not only by the body, but also by the soul. The only drawback of the white bathroom is its inexpressiveness. But this negative moment can easily be solved with the help of bright color accents, for example, furniture or a rug. Especially good is white with other natural simple flowers, for example, with olive, pearl, blue. In addition, it can always be "diluted" with other fashionable shades - beige and gray.

Grey Colour

By the way, about the gray color. On the use of his palette in the design of the fashionable bathroom this year can be said laconically - all 50 shades of gray. And we are talking, of course, not about a scandalous book, but about the wide color spectrum of this seemingly inexpressive and boring color. In particular, in the trend of a combination of different shades of gray among themselves. Such a design move allows you to create three-dimensionality and arrange the right style accents in the room. Therefore, the bathroom, made in gray tones, looks respectable and calm at the same time. In such a bathroom there is a place for relaxation, and for the embodiment of interesting design ideas.

If we talk about individual shades of gray, then inTrend warm and light colors: French gray, melange, monsoon, stone. But to choose for the design of the bathroom cold gray colors should be done with caution. They are best used for individual accents, and not as the primary color - an abundance of cold gray burdens the space and quickly tires the nervous system.

Beige color

Beige color adequately completes the triad of the mostFashionable shades in the design of the bathroom. It is good both in itself, and in combination with other natural shades. With regard to the use of beige in the bathroom design, the same principles apply as for gray. Topical are warm colors: soft caramel, mocha, cinnamon, cream-brule. Fashionable and shades, close to the color of natural wood. But from the abundance of golden-beige color solutions in the bathroom is better to abstain. They are out of fashion and relevant only as small color accents, for example, in the form of textiles for the bathroom.

In addition to these three primary colors, this yearDesigners in the design of the bathroom use other natural shades: bottle glass, gently-lilac, gray-blue, chocolate, saturated blue, indigo, mustard yellow, cocoa, milk. But black, gold and red, so popular in past seasons, now practically do not apply. Small accents are also allowed in the form of juicy natural shades. For example, in a snow-white bathroom, such an accent can become a floor mat in the color of a young grass or a wall panel in sunny yellow shades.

Fashionable prints

Along with the individual shades in the designThis year's bathroom designers more than ever use interesting prints and colors. Natural motifs are especially popular: wood, marble, granite, sand, flowers, waves. And the actual materials that can not only color, but also to touch the texture of the print. Therefore, along with the lining of natural wood and stone in the trend and their artificial analogues of high quality, as well as textured plaster and relief wallpaper.

Also among the fashionable prints for the bathroom is important to note the geometric patterns and simple lines. Especially stylish look different kinds of divorces, circles, illusions and transitions by the type of gradient.

Bathroom furniture: trendy trends

From the issues of finishing smoothly move to the selectionFashionable furniture sets for the bathroom. And to choose this year is from what! Immediately say, there are a lot of options, so we will focus exclusively on the most popular and interesting. Such, for example, as a suspended cabinet. It's about the bedside tables and lockers, which are mounted exclusively on the walls and do not have legs. The huge popularity of this bathroom furniture can be explained by the number of advantages that it possesses. First, hinged bollards and cabinets help to achieve the actual effects of weightlessness and unlimited space. Secondly, pendant furniture significantly facilitates the cleaning process in the bathroom. And, thirdly, such furniture looks equally good in a large bathroom, and in a tiny bathroom, which is especially important in the conditions of old apartment buildings. In addition, designers often use hanging cabinets and cabinets when decorating living spaces in the style of high-tech. Therefore, if you are not afraid of design experiments, feel free to use curtains to match the bathroom with any other room.

In combination with suspended pedestals, designersOffer to use when decorating the bathroom and other rather unusual elements, for example, soft puffs or glass tables. Such a bold decision is dictated by the same fashion trend of merging the bathroom with the living quarters. The most important condition for such a cardinal solution is the complete coincidence of styles and shades of furniture. Another trendy direction for the bathroom is furniture-transformers. Outwardly, these are quite common for all lockers and pencil cases, behind the ostentatious modesty of which lie complex mechanisms, designed to save precious space in the bathroom.

If we talk about the color scheme, then it is in the mainIts mass completely coincides with the fashion palette of finishing materials. First of all, these are wooden and marble prints. Actual for furniture will be a natural triad of white-gray-beige. And designers suggest using furniture, which tone in tone will match the color of the walls. It is also possible to use darker or light shades, but it is better to refuse bright contrasts.

Sanitaryware for the bathroom: trendy trends

In terms of plumbing, the trendy bathroom of thisYear has also undergone drastic changes. The bath itself has come to the fore - it both literally and figuratively occupies a central place in the room. Very fashionable steel monolithic free-standing baths of oval and round shape. What is interesting, thanks to the floor mixer, you can place such a bath in the middle of the room. Corner baths of rectangular shape will remain popular. Their designers offer to decorate in addition the same material that is used and basically the design of the bathroom. Most often it is a mosaic, stone, less often a tile and a tree.

Plastic shower cabins smoothly go toThe past, giving way to the built-in soul. Designers suggest using the space of the bathroom to the maximum and do not demarcate the place for the shower. Pursuing these goals, designers, or, in general, do not use separate doors for showers, or replace them with glass and translucent sliding curtain panels.

As a rule, the main emphasis is either on the bathOr on the shower, and quite rarely both of these options are combined in the same room. Much more often the bath is simply supplemented with a shower hose. Although if the dimensions of your bathroom allow, then why not design both of these options, so to speak, for all occasions.

As for the shells, they, like furniture forBathroom, mostly hinged. Such a design move helps to further expand the space and sustain the room in one style. Most popular with stylists this year are oval and round sinks - these are mini versions of large baths. But they do not lag far behind them and the bowls, bowls, installed on the pedestals. Their rounded contours perfectly fit into the concept of naturalness and naturalness. Classic, separately standing shells are rarely used today. They almost completely replaced the built-in options on suspended tables.

If we talk about the color of sanitary ware, then everything hereMore or less traditionally. Such fashionable styles as minimalism and hi-tech almost completely repeat the classical color palette of faience and accessories. Therefore, safely choose the plumbing equipment of white, gray, steel, dusty, golden, chrome, copper shade. Well, importantly, this choice should harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the bathroom.

Bathroom lighting: trendy trends

Not the least role in the design of the bathroomThe room plays the right lighting. With its help you can, for example, extend the visually small bathroom. And you can create a light twilight, conducive to complete relaxation during water procedures. So, what's new for us interior stylists this time? First, the use of point lighting became more relevant than ever. The more diverse sconces, lamps and lamps, the better. It is especially important to allocate a mirror area with the help of light, therefore mirrors with built-in LED lamps will be very actual.

Secondly, designers are gradually moving away fromThe use of classical options for the bathroom in the form of flacon sconces and built-in lamps. Now it is fashionable to light this room with floor lamps, large lamps from bedside tables and huge chandeliers. A prerequisite is the combination of the central light with the local light. In other words, even if your bathroom has enough light from a ceiling chandelier, still take care of a small spotlight, for example, in the form of a sconce. And do not forget about the candles - it's ideal for creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom.

Third, by combining the bathroom with anotherResidential accommodation, designers offer the maximum use of natural light. The same rule applies to large bathrooms in private houses, where a separate window opening for the bathroom is provided. The window in this case should be made as open as possible to the light. That is, conventional curtains and tulle are not suitable here. It is better to use a tinted glass or opaque glass blocks to form an opening. Then you will not need to close yourself from prying eyes, and you will get plenty of light. Well, of course, the ideal option is a huge panoramic window through which you can admire the beautiful scenery, along the way taking a relaxing bath. But unfortunately, this option is possible only for a large country house, located away from the curious neighbor's eyes.

Fashionable textiles and decor for bathroom design

In conclusion, let's say a few words about what doesThe bathroom is really individual and stylish. We are talking about a variety of decorative elements, including textiles. In the conditions of the popularity of modest minimalism and ascetic hi-tech, the decor for the bathroom is not easy. At first glance, it may even seem that the designers completely excluded it. But in fact, the decorative elements have not gone anywhere, they just became simpler and less noticeable. Most often these are modest translucent, wooden and stone things that literally "merge" with the general concept of the bathroom. Their main task is to emphasize the basic style of the room, and not to focus on themselves increased attention.

I fully comply with such simple requirementsVases. They perform two functions - decorative and practical. Firstly, the vases can be absolutely any shape and size, and also from the material that "dominates" the bathroom. Secondly, flowers in vases, whether live plants or artificial installations, are always appropriate in the bathroom. By the way, about the flowers. They are almost the only decorative element, which designers have not refused when decorating the bathroom. Mostly single-standing vases are used, but whole compositions of climbing plants are also found.

Modern bathroom design can not imagineAnd without mirrors. They can be large and small, built into the wall or even fill the entire surface of the wall. If we talk about the form, then most often used round and oval mirrors, which are very convenient to place in a small bathroom. But for spacious rooms rectangular mirrors are more suitable, sometimes occupying completely one of the walls. Such a mirror effect allows to expand the space even more and achieve the effect of volume.

If we talk about textiles, then its in a fashionable bathroomThis year very little. Basically it is presented by towels, which, naturally, should be made of natural materials and are sustained in one color scheme with the room. True, some designers suggest using atypical for bathroom coverings, for example, animal skins or knitted rugs. But this is rather an extraordinary design move than the general trend.

As for the classic curtains and curtains forSoul, their availability of a fashionable design of the bathroom in 2015 virtually eliminates. That does not fit in the modern concept of asceticism. Therefore, in the showers their place was occupied by glass panels, and on the windows - modest roller blinds or in extreme cases Roman blinds. By the way, the latter are an excellent solution in the event that you want to bring some warm fabrics into the rather "cold" concept of a modern bathroom.

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