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Gift for a guy on the New Year 2016 Monkeys - original ideas and useful tips

I think many will agree that giftsIt is pleasant not only to receive, but also to give. It's so touching to watch a native person who, in anticipation of a surprise, opens the treasured bundle under the tree. And after a few seconds he warmly thanks you and rejoices like a child. For the sake of such positive emotions, we, women, spend many hours searching for that perfect gift. And while there is still time before the New Year 2016, we offer you several ideas for interesting gifts for your beloved guy.

What to give a guy for the New Year 2016 of the Monkey?

The coming 2016 will be held under the sign of FieryMonkey. If you want to make a gift that will bring good luck all year, then choose symbolic things. For example, a warm woolen sweater or knitted mittens. The ideal option to tie a warm thing with your own hands, using a wool of red or orange. Such a sweater (scarf, socks, mittens, cap) will not only warm in the cold winter, but also save the positive energy of your hands.

Prefer to buy a gift? Then pay attention to stylish little things: lighters, cufflinks, business cards, document covers. Choose things made of metal or genuine leather.

Best gift to a guy on the New Year 2016

Do you want your gift to be the mostMemorable and desirable? Then, necessarily choose the thematic presents related to the hobbies of your young man. For example, a collector's disc with a favorite video game, an annual subscription to a men's magazine, tickets for a football match or auto cosmetics. Such gifts are not only practical, but also demonstrate your concern.

Do not forget that the best gift isThing made by own hands. Can you sew or knit well? Warm woolen socks, an embroidered handkerchief or a self-made cover for a mobile will not only please your beloved, but will remind him of you every day.

Original gift for a guy for the New Year 2016

If your young man values ​​spontaneity andRisk, then select an original gift for him. For example, a certificate for skydiving or races on cross-country vehicles. In Event-agencies a huge choice of such gifts, so if you want, you can pick your ideal option. And if, in addition, you make up your boyfriend company, he will certainly appreciate your courage and adventurism.

But a good original present is not necessaryShould be costly. Show a little imagination and surprise your young man with a certificate made by yourself. For example, present a coupon for a relaxing massage (of course, in your performance) or a romantic dinner. The main thing is to approach the choice of a gift with love, and then he will certainly please your loved one.
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