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Beautiful and original congratulations on the New Year 2015, Sheep in verse

Let's talk about desires

To congratulations turned out to be memorable, youWill have to show their ingenuity. Wishes for the New Year should be interesting, unusual and a little magical. The coming year will be the year of the Goat, so it's worth mentioning this animal in his poem. For example, that the house was cozy, in the evenings it was possible to hide with warm wool and in the refrigerator there was always a delicious milk. Agree, this is much more interesting than just wanting money and love. Do not write something like "I want to marry" a lonely girl. Such a congratulation can upset her and offend her. You can mention the hobbies of your relatives and friends.

For example, if the grandfather is fond of fishing,Wish him to catch the Goldfish. And the boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut is to see as many stars as possible in the coming year. Almost all people dream of a happy family life, love and harmony, good work and prosperity. The main thing is to write about it in an original way, best of all in a comic form, because in the New Year cheerful poems will cheer up and give smiles.

New Year's poems

So, New Year 2015 will be held under the symbol Sheep(Or Goats). Therefore, this animal is worth mentioning in his poem: "In the year of the Sheep I wish happiness, fairy tales, miracles and good, and I want the sheep brought a lot of laughter." Or you can write such a poem: "We meet the year of the horse and we meet the sheep, let it bring us only joy without the hassle".

A sheep is a pet, so you canWish peace and harmony in the family and warmth. For example: "The New Year is coming, and the Sheep is going to the house, it will bring you happiness, peace, friendship and love. You stroked her, do not be afraid, and give me a smile. "

Mom this poem is suitable:

Be you, Mom, in the Year of the Sheep

All are more beautiful on Earth,

It did not hurt that in the heart,

Do not ever get sick!

To your beloved husband, wish success at work,Strength and wisdom. Friends - a successful career, a sea of ​​love and good mood. You can formulate comic verses: "Year Sheep - a merry year, let it pass without hassle, there will be greenery and tops - everything is useful, everything is grubbing."

Finally, we say that the Sheep are very kindAnimals that do not endure quarrels and conflicts. If you believe astrologers, then 2015 will be calm for everyone, most importantly, do not climb on the blaze and carefully consider their actions. By the way, it is in the coming year that Ovechka will help her to find her soul mate in lonely hearts. So boldly wish to fulfill all desires, they will necessarily be fulfilled.

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